Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "the present policy") defines the form in which the Lounge Limited game processes the information and ...

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "the present policy") defines the form in which the Game Lounge Limited Processes the information and personal data that the user provided us and that allow us to effectively manage the relationship that has with us.

This policy is applicable to our websites, applications, products and / or services related to this policy or that they do not have their own privacy policy (hereinafter "our services"). This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with a more in-depth knowledge of the data we collect, the reason why we collect this data, in which we process this data, of the entities with which we share these personal data, their rights For the collection, processing and sharing of such data, and any other relevant material relating to privacy and safety.

Any personal data that provides us or that we already have our possession will be processed in accordance with the form defined in this Privacy Policy. All information will be provided through the Game Lounge website (the "website") or any other means that the Game Lounge can occasionally make available.

When reading this policy the user understands and acknowledges that their personal data can be processed in the form defined in this policy. If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not use our website or provide us with your personal data.

Any references in this “Game Lounge “"We" or "our" concern the data controller, in particular the Game Lounge Limited, a Malta company with registration number C 53144 and with Level 5, Spinola Park, Triq Mikiel Ang. Borg, St Julians, SPK 1000, Malta and that is the owner of this website

Any personal data processing carried out by Game Lounge as recommended in this privacy policy should be carried out in accordance with:

- the Maltese Data Protection Law (hereinafter "LPD" - Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta) as well as any other subsidiary legislation issued under the LPD and any subsequent changes; and

- Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and revoking Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on data protection) (hereinafter "the Regulation" or "RGPD").

LPD and RGPD will be collectively designated by "data protection laws".

The Game Lounge determines the purposes and means of the treatment of personal data, acting in this way as "Responsible for Data" as regards applicable data protection laws.


Data responsible

"The data responsible" means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other organism which, alone or together with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data; When the ends and means are determined by laws of the Union or the Member State, the responsible or the specific criteria for their designation may be provided by laws of the Union or the Member State.

Data processor

"Data processor" means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the data responsible.

Personal data

"Personal data" are any information that individually identifies the user or related to a natural person identified or identifiable.


The Game Lounge stores your personal data digitally on encrypted hard drives.

Protection of personal data

Personal data in our possession are protected using the best security systems and processes of the market. Our commitment to the protection of personal data is not liable to high quality and standards, but also includes the best and most efficient law enforcement. We are required to only process personal data when this treatment is based on a genuine and legitimate reason, according to the legal bases established in the RGPD.

Processing based on our legitimate interests

A legitimate interest exists when we have a commercial motive by which personal data will be processed. In such cases, we undertake to protect all and any of your personal data and how these data are processed, as well as to ensure that this treatment is not unfair to you or your interests.

If and when we decide to process your personal data on the basis of legitimate interest, we will inform you of this and the legitimate interest mentioned, in addition to providing a process through which you can raise any questions and / or objections you may have regarding that processing. It is important to point out that Game Lounge is not required to interrupt processing if the reasons for treatment overlap your right to objection.

Processing based on your consent

Consent is not the only foundation that allows us or which we depend on to process your personal data. We only process your personal data based on your consent when we can not, or have not opted to, alleging any other legal grounds, such as compliance with legal obligations or legitimate interest. When we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, the user will have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, and as used to grant it. If the user exercises his right to withdraw the consent, we will then determine whether we have conditions (or obligation) to process his personal data on the basis of any other legal foundation beyond his consent. If this is the case, we will notify you accordingly. Any consent withdrawal will not invalidate any processing operations carried out before the user withdraws their consent.

Processing based on consent

To avoid any questions, we would like to emphasize that in limited cases where we can not, or we have not opted to, claim another legal foundation (eg legitimate interest), we will process your personal data based on your consent.

In cases where we process based on your consent (which we will never assume, but we will obtain in a clear and evident way from the user), the user has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, in the same way he used to grant him .

If the user decides to exercise the right to withdraw consent at any time (notifying us in writing for the postal or electronic address presented below) we will determine if there is a legal alternative to the processing of your personal data (for example, basis of a legal obligation to which we are subjects) under which we would be legally authorized (or even obliged) to process your personal data without your consent and, if this is the case, notify it accordingly.

The user may always refuse when we request this personal data, however, refuse to provide us with the data required to provide the requested services, we may not be able to provide you with these services (especially if consent is the only legal foundation at our disposal).

Just to clarify, consent is not the only legal foundation that authorizes us to process your personal data. In the last paragraph above we pointed out the various legal foundations that we can claim at the processing of your personal data for specific purposes.


When you visit our website, we collect some categories of your personal data automatically through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

For more detailed information, including what cookies are and how and why we process these data in this way (including the difference between essential and non-essential cookies) read our detailed cookies policy and easy consultation in Cookie Policy.

Other ends

We may need to use and conserve people to prevent their loss and to protect our rights, privacy, security or property, or third parties, in accordance with our legitimate interests.

Data retention

We save data during limited periods when it is necessary to maintain them due to legitimate commercial or legal purposes. We try to ensure that our services protect data against accidental or malicious elimination. Subsequently, there may be delays between the user to eliminate something and copies are effectively erased from our active backup systems. If you need more detailed information, us through address [email protected]

Authorized disclosures of personal data to third parties

Without prejudice to anything more provided for in this privacy policy, personal data relating to the user can be shared with authorized third parties located in or outside the EU / EEA when these disclosures are allowed or necessary in accordance with the data protection laws and / or Another applicable legislation. These authorized third parties may include, but are not limited to, entities within Game Lounge, other third parties and organizations, such as law enforcement authorities, collaboration with accounting and auditing companies, regulators, competent authorities and digital marketing providers. We can also share these personal data with organizations that presented us the user, third parties with whom the user requested us that we share their data, or authorized us to do so, or other third parties with whom we are required to share their personal data In order to be possible to provide the products and / or services that the user requested us. Shared personal data will depend on the products and / or services that the user opts to use.

When any of these personal data must be transferred outside the EEA (European Economic Area), we shall ensure that all necessary and appropriate safeguards are created. We can also disclose personal data to other companies integrated into associated or subsidiary companies, as well as commercial partners or legal successors of our business. The way it is processed the transfer of data outside the EEA is detailed below. Your personal data will never be shared with third parties for your own marketing purposes (except if you give your consent to this specific purpose).

Personal data sharing with other recipient categories

The relevant data will also be disclosed or shared as appropriate (and in all cases in accordance with data protection laws) A / with members of the Game Lounge team, A / with other entities within the Game Lounge (in accordance with obligations legal, for example) and / or A / or with affiliated and / or subcontracted entities established within the European Union, if relevant to any of the ends indicated in this Privacy Policy (including the / with our service providers facilitating the Web site functionality and / or any service that the user requests). Personal data will only be shared by us to provide the services that the user requests us, or for any other legal motive (including authorized disclosures that do not require user consent).

Any authorized disclosure will be carried out in accordance with data protection laws (for example, our processors are contractually linked by the requirements of the data protection laws mentioned, including an express obligation to maintain confidential any information they receive in order to ensure that their employees / staff are also subject to similar obligations). Service providers mentioned (our processors) are also subject to a number of other obligations (particularly those laid down in Article 28 of the RGPD).

Your personal data will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes (except if the user give us your consent for this specific purpose).

Internet communications

The user will be aware that data sent over the Internet can be transmitted through international borders, even when the issuer and receiver of the data are located in the same country. We will not be held liable for nothing carried out or omitted by the user or any third party in respect of any personal data before the terms received, including, without limitation, any transfers of personal data from the user to us through a country having a level of protection of Data lower than that of the European Union, and through any technological means (for example, WhatsApp, Skype, Dropbox etc.).

In addition, we will not accept any kind of responsibility or obligation for the safety of your data when you transfer through the Internet, except if our responsibility results expressly from an applicable law in Malta.

Precision Personal Data

All reasonable efforts will be made to keep any personal data that we may have the user updated and as precise as possible. You can consult the data we have on you at any time by ing us in the shape below. If the user detects any inaccuracies, we will be corrected or disposal as needed. Refer below a detailed list of your legal rights related to any applicable data protection laws.

Links to third-party sites

The links that we offer for third-party websites are duly marked and we have no responsibility (nor endlessly subdembled) by the contents of these websites (including any applicable privacy policies or data processing operations of any kind). We recommend that you read the privacy policies of any third-party website.

Transfer of your data out of the EEA

Your personal data will only be transferred outside the EEA, or from any other country that does not integrate EEA, but which has been considered by the European Commission as a suitable level of protection (also known as "white list countries" - listed on here ) In the following circumstances: When the user gave us his express consent to do so; When it is necessary to constitute or execute a contract concluded between the user and the Game Lounge; or to fulfill and comply with any duty or legal obligation.

In the event that personal data are transferred out of EEA, within the Game Lounge or to any of the Game Lounge trading partners, we guarantee that all safeguards are taken to ensure that the same level of protection is provided and the same standards They are applied within the EEA. The user is entitled to receive a copy of these safeguards by ing us to the address below.

Contracts containing standard contractual clauses in the EU (EU model clauses), which require the receiving entity of personal data Use the same patterns that would be used for this data within the EEA. In the event that any data is transferred to the US and the receiving entity is registered with Privacy Shield (a framework decision that ensures the protection of personal data) will be considered to have the same level of protection, as approved by the European Commission.

Dataholder rights

The Game Lounge undertakes to assist you in the best possible way if you choose to exercise your rights regarding your personal data. In some cases, we may have to verify your identity before accessing your request to exercise any relevant right.


The user has the right to question whether we are processing their personal data and, if that is the case, the user will have the right to access this personal data as well as the following information:

- of what personal data we have,

- Why do we process them,

- whom we divulged them,

- for how long we intend to keep them (when possible),

- if we transfer them abroad and what safeguards we have for their protection,

- What are user rights,

- in what way can the user make a complaint,

- where we obtained your personal data and - if we have implemented automated decision-making (including profile creation) and related information.


The user has the right to request us that any relevant or incomplete personal data relating to themselves are rectified and / or completed.

Right to erasure (the "right to be forgotten")

The user has the right to ask us to erase his personal data, which we will do without undue delay, but only when:

- Personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected; or

- The user withdrew his consent (if we are on the basis of his consent) and we do not have other legal foundations to process their personal data; or

- the user successfully served his right to objection (as explained below); or

- Your personal data has been illegally processed; or

- there is a legal obligation to which we are subject; or

- There are special circumstances regarding certain children's rights.

In any case, we will not be legally linked to accessing the user's request for erasure, if the processing of your personal data is required to comply with a legal obligation that is imposed on us.

Right to processing limitation

The user has the right to request the limitation of the processing of his personal data. However, the user can only exercise this right when:

- Challenge the accuracy of your personal data (see the right to rectifying the data above) for a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of personal data; or

- processing is illegal and the user opposes the erasure of their personal data; or

- we no longer need personal data for the purposes by which they were collected, but the user needs these data for the statement, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process; or

- The User exercised his right to objection and verification of our legitimate foundations to prevail over his objection is pending.

If you successfully exercise this right, we will only be able to process your personal data:

- When we have your consent; or

- for the declaration, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial proceedings; or

- for the protection of the rights of another natural or collective person; or

- for reasons of important public interest.

Right to portability of data

The user has the right to request us the provision of his personal data that sent us previously. Game Lounge will provide these data in a structured format, current and auto-read, or (when technically possible) we may send the data directly to another data responsible, provided that this does not affect the rights or freedoms of others. The user can only exercise this right when:

- processing is based on your consent or implementation of a contract concluded with the user; and

- Processing is performed by automated means.

Right to withdraw consent

For detailed information on this right, see the "Processing based on consent" paragraph above.

Right of objection to processing

In certain cases, the user has the right to oppose the processing of his personal data. When we only process your personal data based on one of the following purposes:

- processing is necessary for the performance of public interest functions; or

- When processing is required for the legitimate interests of Game Lounge or a third party.

Processing should only be interrupted when the data responsible did not provide preponderant and legitimate grounds that prevail comply against the objections raised by the user by requesting and requiring the continuation of processing.

When your data is processed for direct marketing purposes, the user has the right to oppose the processing of your personal data at any time.

In all other cases other than those above, this general objection right will not subsist.

Right to submit a complaint

As a holder of the data, feel that any of its rights was hampered by Game Lounge, the user may have a complaint from any data protection supervision authority at any time. The competent data protection supervision authority in Malta is Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner ("IDPC").

Notwithstanding this right, the Game Lounge calls you kindly that you try to solve any questions you may have with us before you have a complaint with IDPC.

It is important to note that, despite these rights, Game Lounge may eventually refuse this request if it can reasonably justify that decision. This refusal does not prohibit the user from submitting a complaint with the competent data protection authority.

Company Information

If you have questions / comments on privacy or if you want to exercise any of your individual rights, our DPO through e-mail [email protected] or in writing to the above address.