Best Baccarat Games in Australian Casinos

It's time to get to know the Best Baccarat games in the Australian market! Learn the basic and complex rules on our full baccarat guide and get expert on the subject!

Best casinos in Australia to play baccarat

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What is baccarat online?

Baccarat (or Baccará) is a game of chance also known by point and bank, where the player is against the banker (Dealer). This exclusive French card game was immortalized by James Bond and his films, in classic scenes in which he appears to play his favorite casino game in luxurious robes.

Live Baccarat Games

In Australia there are no online casinos that offer baccarat online or live games. Something that should not happen, seen how appreciated this card game is.

How does baccarat online work?

First of all, bets are made, which comprise the three options: Banking (bet on the dealer), point (bet on the player), or in the draw. After the bets are performed, the dealer distributes the two initial letters, one for each hand of who is present at the table. Both cards are distributed with face facing up. The sum of the two initial letters will determine whether or not a third letter should be distributed.

When the first two letters are distributed and some hand obtains the total points of 8 or 9 - for player or dealer - this event has the designation of natural victory, and the game will end. Bets that have already been made will be balconies and distributed.

If the player obtains a total of 6 or 7 in his hand, no more cards will be distributed. In case of no hand obtains the sum of 8 or 9, it is time to determine if the third letter will be distributed. In any other total than 0 to 5, the player receives another card and the total sum will be counted again.

Basic rules

We must understand that in Baccarat Online, they are usually used between 6 to 8 cards. Which makes it extremely difficult to count the cards. So predicting the results is not one of the most reliable strategies.

Baccarat cards receive values in points as follows:

  • Wings = 1
  • 2-9 = value corresponding to the letter
  • 10, Jump, Lady and King = 0

Types of bets and odds

The table below refers to the values that the hand must have to make the decision to:

  • D = Stay with two cards
  • S = buy the third letter

Baccarat bets and strategies

As we have seen earlier, there are 3 betting possibilities: dealer, player or tie. The bets pay 1: 1; 0.95: 1; 8: 1, respectively. Whoever obtains victory, takes all the bets held.

Betting on the player

The first available bet is bet on the player's victory on the table (whoever arrives closer to 9 against the bank). The advantage of the house in the player bet is 1.24% in games with 8 decks.


The advantage of the house (House Edge) when we bet on the bench is 1.06%, against 1.36%, if we bet on the player. Generally, in the betting in the dealer a 5% commission is applied, therefore, it would be paid at 0.95: 1.

Betting on the draw

The bet on the draw is the most compensatory, however, more difficult to happen, so it is paid at 8: 1 or 9: 1 to depend on the casino. In the tie bets, the advantage of the casino (House Edge) is 14.4%.

The chances of draw also change according to the amount of decks, for example:

  • 8 decks: 4,844%
  • 6 decks: 4,931%
  • 1 deck: 6,385%

Why bet on baccarat online?

Betting on Baccarat Online is a great way to get to know the game better, as well as very convenient and advantageous for players to venture into online games.

Throw away

Bet without leaving home comfort, and even better: you can play baccarat through the mobile device, from where and when you want! Online games allow greater mobility without the concern to leave home.

Enjoy the bonuses to play online

There are online casinos that offer special bonuses for table games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker, for example. Always be attentive if the casino chose offers constant promotions, so you can enjoy the best of Baccarat Online!

Special Promotions for Live Casino

Other casinos with a vast Live Games catalog offer special bonuses for specific games such as Live Baccarat. There are no choices of Live Casinos licensed to bet on Baccarat at the moment in Australia.

Variantes do Baccarat Online

Expect to find three main variants at Baccarat Online games, which are them: Live Dragon Tiger, Speed Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze.

Live Dragon Tiger

In this version of Live Baccarat, there is a dealer and a virtual table where players can participate. Possible bets here understand in the dragon in the tiger and the tie.

Speed Baccarat

Unlike the Squeeze version, in Speed Baccarat, the speed and dynamics of the bets are much faster. If a bet on the normal game can take about 30s, in this version the players have less time to make a decision and make the bet.

Baccarat Squeeze

In Baccarat Squeeze -a another version of the live game- the letters are turned one by one to give emotion to the game, and so it takes a little more to unravel who is the winner of the round.

Is it cool to play baccarat in portugal?

There are still no online casinos that offer the baccarat game in the online or live version in Australia. However, there are casinos that offer blackjack online and poker games like the most popular card games if you want to try luck in one of the following:

Are Baccarat games regulated?

In several countries it is completely legal bet on Baccarat. However, there is no licensed online casino in Australia that supply you to the present time.

Can I play Baccarat online for free?

Most online casinos that offer baccarat game in the catalog, give the opportunity to test the game in demonstration mode. Thus, players can have an idea of how the game develops and how to hold the bets. Already Live Baccarat games do not allow fictitious cash bets, only in real bet mode.

Common questions

The Baccarat game consists of trying to hit which of the hands will win: the bank (Dealer), the player or the draw. The winner is that hand that approaches or hit the sum of 9 points.
The most common versions found in online casinos that offer Live Games are: Live Dragon Tiger, Speed Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze.
Yea! Australian online casinos offer baccarat online games for free in the demo version. However, Live Baccarat games can not be found free because, happen in real time.
There are three possible bets in the Baccarat game: bet on the player (Punto), at the Dealer (Banking) or in the hands draw.