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Did you know that there are different versions of blackjack online, and strategies for each of them? Learn the difference and strategies of each version in this complete Blackjack Guide!

Best Casinos in Australia to Play Blackjack

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What are the best online blackjack games in Australia?

If you want to try luck in Australian casinos when playing blackjack, consider our partners and licensed from the market:

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What is Blackjack Online?

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling in casinos from around the world, whether online or physical, in what player plays against the house. Since its origin in America, Blackjack or '21' (as it is also known) has also become very popular in Europe.

Differences between virtual blackjack and live blackjack

Blackjack can be found in online casinos can also be played with live crupier! As if it were in a physical casino, and even interact with the other players on the virtual tables!

Live Blackjack Games

Unlike the virtual online blackjack on which plays against the machine, Live Blackjack is played on virtual tables, with players and real dealers and also promote their interaction. The big difference between Blackjack Online and Live is that Live Blackjack does not depend on an RNG mechanism, but it has the same chances of a normal physical casino.

How does blackjack online work?

Blackjack rules are easy to understand. The goal of Blackjack is to have a hand as close as possible to 21, adding the values of all cards received in that hand, without exceeding the amount of 21. It is a game that throws against the casino; or against the casino and other players at the same table (blackjack live).

After making the bets, the game starts with the dealer to distribute two cards facing up for each player, and a letter facing up, and another down (known as the “hole card” In English), for himself. If the visible chart corresponds to an Ace or a Value 10 points, the croupier may see if it has a blackjack in hand.

Basic rules

  • All letters from 2 to 10, have the numerical value they indicate; The figures - King, Queen and Vale- are 10 points; And the ace that can have a value of 1 or 11 (which the player chooses as appropriate).
  • It is only considered blackjack when 21 points are added in the first round, with the first distributed letters. Blackjack (21 points with two cards) exceeds any hand of 21 points with more than two cards.
  • The Bank, when revealing the value of its two added letters, may request more letters only if the sum of the letters of his hand, is a value below 17. Therefore, if the croupier's hand reaches or exceeds 17, it will be automatically used to 'Stay' option.
  • In case of the dealer surpasses the sum of the 21 points, players who are still at the table will gain their bets and, in case of a tie, the player will recover the bet held.

Mathematics applied to blackjack online

To understand and study the BLACKJACK game, we must know that a French, normal deck has 52 cards, of which:

  • - 4 are ASES.
  • - 16 are 10 or numbers with value 10 in Blackjack.
  • - The remaining 32 are letters with a value of 2 to 9.

With these data we can draw some conclusions, such as:

"Approximately 33.3% of the letters have a value 10."

There are only 4 aces, so if we want to get a blackjack in one hand, we have to buy one of these four cards.

  • Note: Most blackjack games, both physical, and in online mode, of nowadays, use four, six or eight cards of letters, which makes the process very difficult for letter counters, which study the likeli- gain. After the cards are shuffled, they will be placed in a container, from which the dealer removes a letter at a time, randomly and distributes them on the table.

Number of decks (decks) and the advantage of the house (House Edge)

When playing blackjack, pay attention to the amount of deck that is used in the game as it is a detail that influences the chances of victory. Basically, the less shalls are at stake, smaller is the advantage of the casino, as in the table below:

Number of decks (decks)House Advantage (House Edge)
1 deck 0,17%
2 decks 0,46%
4 decks 0,60%
6 deck 0,64%
8 decks 0,66%

Types of bets and odds

We create an affirmable table of our players better understand the mechanism when the dealer's hand indicates a value, and when your own hand is also a matter of doubt about which action to take:

Strategies for betting on Blackjack

Players must decide based on their letters and deal with one of the following actions you will see in the following Blackjack table:

  • Ask a letter (hit, in English);
  • To stay (stay, in English);
  • To bend (Duplicate the bet, or double down, in English);
  • Split the hand into separate hands (pair splitting, in English);
  • Bet is not safe (insurance, in English);
  • To give up (surrender and finish the game, or surrender, in English).

When ordering a letter or staying (hit)

→ Actions 'Ask for a letter' e 'To stay'; They are as the name itself suggests; Add a new card to add points or close your hand with the cards we currently have, without the possibility of adding more points (with 16 or more points, it is advisable to stay).

When folding the bet (double down)

→ stops 'To bend', or also called 'duplicate the bet', we necessarily need a hand adding 9, 10 or 11. and the player can only do this at the beginning of the round. In case 'folding the bet' the player can only receive one more card.

When dividing the hand (pair splitting)

→ stops 'Split the hand into separate hands' The player must have two cards of the same value (for example, 2 aces). But it will be required to add another bet, which is equal to the initial. Something we should understand is that if one of the two separate hands get a score of 21, it will not be considered as blackjack. So in case you can 21, if there is another player with a single hand that can be 21 blackjack, in the first distribution of letters; Whoever has split his hand into separate hands' automatically, will then lose his hand.

Betting on secure (insurance)

→ A 'Betting to Insurance' It means that if the letter discovered by the croup is an ace, we can 'bet insurance' (if we suspect the bank will receive the blackjack with the next letter). If we bet and finally get, we will be rewarded. However, this option is always a risk, since the chances of the bank is 21, instead of another value, it is not so high.

When to give up (surrender)

→ The last action mentioned in the above blackjack table is called 'Surrender’, or surrender, but this is just an option of the American Blackjack game. Losing, in this case, it means losing only 50% of the bet held, thus giving up the game.

When the dealer decides to stay (stand) with a hand of 17: if you have a low hand composed of 16 points and the dealer has an ace, 9 or 10, for the first letter, is a good time to give up.

Card count on blackjack online

To use the letter counting strategy when playing Blackjack, this table below can be useful:

Probabilities (Odds)

Counting cards is a technique that, when carefully applied, and if only a deck is used, it allows the player to gain advantage over the casino, in order to determine the likelihood of a game round and earned study. This counting system was created by Edward O. Thorp in the year 1962, and since that moment, more and less complex card counting systems were created.

But here we will explain the basics, so that our players best understand this game so fascinating. It becomes practically impossible to handle these count methods given the use of random number systems (RNG) in blackjack online.

About the chances of getting blackjack would be the ways or possibilities we have to achieve the 21 points with the first two cards in the deck.

"If we play with 1 deck (52 cards), the likelihood of getting a blackjack is 4.8%"

Of course we play with more than one deck, the likelihood of obtaining ace and therefore a Blackjack 21 with two letters, is reduced.

The more decks are used, less likely to get the maximum score.

"The chances of exceeding 21 are 4/13, which is the same 30% with more than 21 points and lose the bet."

Gestures when playing blackjack in physical casino

When playing in a real casino, there are Gestural signs of hands that are used, indicating the desire of the player under what action he wants to perform as to your game, which we will see:

  • Ask a letter: To order another letter in your game, the player should give a light touch on the surface of the table with the fingerThen the Dealer will understand that the game has not yet finished for the player;
  • To stay: If the player must find that the combination of letters he has in hand, is already sufficient, he should make a horizontal movement with hands, 'rubbing the table', in a negative sense, For then, the dealer stops distributing letters to you;
  • Bend the bet: Croupier will understand that the player wants to bend the bet, when he puts the Chips with the same value as the initial, behind the initial bet.
  • Split the hand into separate hands: The gestures for this are similar to the 'Bending the Bet'. Enough put the second bet next to the first (and not behind as in the action of bending the bet), and then the dealer will understand that the player is seeking two separate hands. However, this action is only allowed when the player has two equal letters in the initial hand (for example: a pair of aces or a pair of 8).

Terminologia do Blackjack

  • Tear (or ‘bust’, in English): When a hand exceeds the limit of 21, the name of "busting the bet" is known.
  • blackjack: When the sum of the first two cards of a hand is exactly 21. Blackjack wins a regular score of 21.
  • Tie: The player and the croup have the same total of letters. The bet returns to the player.
  • Rigid hand (‘hard hand’, in English): Any hand without an ace. Still, any hand with an ace in which the ace must be accounted for as 1 to avoid bursting.
  • Soft hand (‘soft hand’, in English): When an ace can be accounted for as 11 without the hand go beyond 21, which will give you more flexibility at the time of composing a winning hand.

Payment Mode of the tables available

  • Blackjack pays from 3 to 2 (Blackjack pays 3 to 2, in English)

If you see this sign in the casino, this means that the player will receive 3 € for every 2 € bet, for example. This is very normal and gives the house slightly high chances of gain.

  • Blackjack pays from 6 to 5 (Blackjack pays 6 to 5, in English)

This sign tells you it's best to get away from this type of casino. 6 to 5 has a minor ratio than 3 for 2, so this means that the casino is looking for beginners and tries to confuse them with numbers. 6 to 5 is a clear sign that the house has better chances and is more likely to lose.

  • Blackjack pays from 2 to 1 (Blackjack pays 2 to 1, in English)

This is not a common model you will find in a casino. This type of blackjack offers the best chances players than the house; That's why most casinos avoids this. If you are lucky enough to see you, take advantage of the opportunity immediately because, no doubt, it is the best offer to bet on a blackjack.

Strategies that players should avoid in blackjack online

In addition to the mathematical strategies, which we will explain later, some valid tips that, as a player, should be more attentive, include:

  • Strategy of 'never burst' - This tactic divides opinions. Some claim that it is a good alternative to beginning players in the bets, others criticize strongly. It is said that if the player's initial hand is between 12 and 16 points, you should ask for more if the dealer's hand has 17 or more. "Never burst" is based on the idea of never asking anything above 12 because they can burst. If you never burst, you will have more opportunities to see the dealer lose.
  • Strategy to 'imitate the dealer' - Basically, it means that the player will follow the basic dealer strategy: stay in the 17 or more and never separate or bend bets. The odds for this strategy are worse than the previous ones, since when you play with other players at the table, the odds of debt gain is much higher.
  • Trust in good luck - Luck influences, and much, but in a game like blackjack is important to know that, above all, are probabilistic and mathematical studies. In a simple way: If we use the Basic Blackjack Strategy, we will initially have a chance of chance to defeat the dealer. However, if we trust in luck, the percentage of gains will be reduced to 15 or 20%. So to learn how to play blackjack, the essential thing is to learn to apply the basic strategies of the game to have a greater chance of winning the bank.
  • Concentrate on your own hand and forget the other players - often players make the mistake of thinking that the letters that other players do not influence in the hand, and are so obsessed with getting a higher score than that of the dealer, who forgets alternatives like 'bend the bet', or 'divide the Hand in separate hands' can be very useful strategies to achieve a better score. Obviously, they are alternatives that are learned from time and practice. What for this, we can find games in blackjack demo version free, so beginner players understand how other game options work.
  • Bend bets to recover previous bets "This is a fatal mistake, let's say, in the world of gambling, whether online or physical. We know that no one can get the time, and that in casino games, it's normal that you lose the bet. At this moment it is always good to think that doubling the bet, because the previous unused was, will not bring your profits back. On the contrary, it can enhance the loss! For this, the player must apply the game responsible for us to use the casino game only for leisure, not as monetary fruit.

Why play blackjack online?

Many are the advantages of playing blackjack online! Betting on an online casino by itself already brings you many positives!


You can play when, how and from where you are when accessing a Blackjack online site! There is nothing to worry about mobility!

Interaction with other players

When playing Live Blackjack, casinos will give you the opportunity to interaction on the virtual table with players and even the dealer. So you will have an experience of how it was in a real casino!

Available bonuses and special promotions

One of the great advantages of betting on an online casino are offers and promotions. Some casinos offer special bonuses for blackjack online players with numerous advantages!

Blackjack Online is cool in Australia?

Totally! Our recommended casinos are fit to offer blackjack for Australian players without the slightest problem! However, games in Live mode still do not have a license to operate in the Australian market.

Are the blackjack online games manipulated?

No! Because of the RNG mechanism, the chances of manipulating a blackjack game (just like Video Poker, Slot or Online Baccará) is almost null. Especially in licensed casinos, the responsible bodies guarantee a player protection as to the randomness of chances.

Can I play Blackjack online for free?

Yea! Our online partner casinos offer blackjack online in the demo version (demo), where our players can take advantage of the games without the commitment to create an account and even less, from a minimal deposit!

Common questions

The goal of Blackjack is to have a hand as close as possible to 21, adding the values of all the cards received in that hand, without exceeding the amount of 21. It is a game that throws against the casino; or against the casino and other players at the same table (blackjack live).
Many are the advantages of playing blackjack online, among them: the mobility of playing when you are; The bonuses and special offers of online casinos and also interaction with other players.
Yea! Online blackjack games can be found free at online casinos in demo mode. Already the Live Blackjack games, as they happen at real time, no time to test them.
Yea! Playing Blackjack Online is totally cool in Australia, since the chosen online casino is duly licensed, you will not have to worry!