Documents needed to play in casinos

Find out what documents have in hand

The gain check and collateral verification process requires the player to prove it legitimate. Find out what documents are required for this.

Many casino enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that online betting homes usually request documents to their players. New players, on the other hand, can be afraid of the number of documents requested, and do not understand the purpose very well. In this article, our Team will explain what the necessary documents and why they ask them, thus will be prepared for when to perform any withdrawal or even sign up for some place.

Online casinos

Casinos ask for very detailed information about their players. It is normal for a casino online Ask for invoice photos, credit cards, identity documents and bank statements. For the player, the natural reaction in this situation is shock, questioning and, of course, all other security problems. But do not worry, this is a normal part of the process and you are not alone in this.

We hope that with this article we can open the questions so that all players can continue to play in the Casino in a good mood, prioritizing pleasant, educational moments and responsibly.

Why do players need to send documents to online casinos?

The first question of all players is the same: "Why does the casino ask for all this information?" This is a natural question and the answer is as natural as. Casinos ask for documents for security reasons. Online casinos do not verify your information because they aim to benefit from it, on the contrary, your data and money are safe.

Regulations and licenses of online casinos

There are many regulations that govern the operation of online casinos; Some of which have become very rigorous over the years.

Most online casinos are managed by Malta Gaming Authority (s) Regulation. MGA regulations are very rigorous and restrictive, so it is not so easy to get a license for MGA. At the time the online casino violates MGA, you will lose the license. MGA also verifies the solidity of the casino and performs periodic checks.

In practice, these licensors guarantee the security of your money and helps both sides. When we are talking about the safety of the casino, we should always remember the Random Number Generator (Random Number Generator). Here you can find more information on what this means; But in general, it guarantees the impartiality of a slot machine, or poker video, for example. These licenses also check the Games RNG, and ensure that the computed victories of the players are clean and worthy victories. Measure that also aims to combat money laundering.

In a nutshell, the process is just a necessary step for the players' safety. We also recommend that players verify that the online casino in question has a genuine license before signing up.

What is the KYC process (Know Your Customer)?

For those with sharp English, the acronym already says what this process means. (Know your customer = know your client). When casinos ask players to send their personal documents, they implement this process. The sending of documents is obviously volunteer, but in this case, the player can not withdraw a penny from his account. In addition, casinos have the right to close your account when it is not verified.

Licensed casinos should take good care of the security of the documents, and they do so almost invariably. If the casino does not comply with the security guidelines, you will have to pay a heavy fine. The fine is so high that no casino wants to try it out, we guarantee.

Well, briefly, after the security process, the player may be carefree because, his money will be safe. In the KYC process, the player must also select a deposit method. After choosing a deposit method and following the security process, this is the only way in which the casino can take money for the player.

These activities are intended to avoid misuse of the casino account. A really possible situation is that, somehow, forget and leave the page of the place of the casino open and someone see it and decide to use the balance, or something similar, through a withdrawal. However, for security reasons, this will not be possible because this is not the account with which you did the deposit. For this security measures are so important!

What documents does the online casino ask for your players?

Online casinos require players to provide documents that show the age of the player, identity, residential address valid and the payment method used in the game account (we explain in the above paragraph why this measure).

The easiest way to solve this process is to send the documents required by the casinos at the act of registration, so that they are not late. Each online casino provides information on where and how documents should be sent to them. Most modern online casinos have a form that can be easily attached to documents without much delonga.

In the security context, the safest way is to send information through the form in question; or use the email as another path. However, there is always a small risk that the email reaches the wrong hands, as insignificant than that possibility.

The documents requested by the casinos depend on the type of money transfer that the player wants to use. In general, casinos always ask for a photo of a valid voucher as well as an identity card. Other documents depend on the casino and the method of transfer of money chosen by the player.

Always provide correct information to the casino! If you lie to the casino -quant minimum detail- they have the right to close the account immediately and freeze their funds.

How to send the documents to online casino

  • To send the ID for the Casino:

Identity tickets are certified by an authority, such as passport, driving license or other official certificate issued by the local authority. If you choose to send a photo of your driving license, please note that you will need to upload a photo on both sides of the document in question. In some situations, casinos also accept scanned certificates, but we recommend that you photograph it for practicality, as for the agility of the approval process as well.

Before sending your identity to the casino, make sure of the following points:

  • The image shows all four corners of the document;
  • The data is clearly visible;
  • The document is valid;
  • The ID card has a current photo of yours;
  • The identity card must also contain watermarks that must be visible.
  • To prove a valid address for the casino:

Casinos want to know your address so they can confirm the country in which you live. It is recommended to update the address information and automatically load the new information in case you move to a new address. If you move to another country, communicate this information to the casino, it is more important than ever!

In some countries, there are restrictions on what casino games, and laws on the games, as we know. For this reason, casinos need to know the country from which one is playing!

To prove this address, casinos may validate, for example, a bank statement or a recent financial invoice. One condition is that the invoice is official, obviously. Online casinos only accept a certificate if they show the four corners of the document. Nowadays, casinos also accept PDFs, in case of using the electronic invoice. Below you will find more details on what to consider when sending a certificate:

  • The address must be fully visible;
  • The full name must be visible;
  • The certificate must contain the official logo of the authority or sender of the Charter and the information thereof;
  • The invoice must be dated within 180 days (6 months);
  • The certificate should be perfectly legible and the text clear.

What documents do the casino need for a cash transfer?

This is a very important point. Especially if the player wants to make deposits with more than one payment method. The more methods you want to use, more documents need to send to the online casino. This process is designed for player safety. Casinos need to make sure that every time they have a retreat or deposit, which bank card is from the player you are playing.

Online casino bills are always personal. Players should always send their own information and make deposits and withdrawals from their own accounts. In online casinos, you can not withdraw money from the third party account, not even for a spouse.

Credit / Debit Cards and their Certification at Online Casino

Once the casino has confirmed the documents that submit, there will be no problem in drawing money. For a player who is living abroad, he can find some problems, but a nominal card in use, may be the solution, since online casinos ask for a photo of the card, so he can be sure that it is the card in question. Below you can find more about detailed required documentation:

Casinos request the following credit / debit card information:

  • The entire card number series (long number in front of the card);
  • The numbers and information must be legible;
  • The four corners of the card should be visible in the photo that is sending to the casino;
  • The photos must contain both sides of the card;
  • The first six and last four card digits should be visible;
  • CVC / CVV code should always be covered;
  • The card must coincide with the information that previously sent to the online casino;
  • Send account statement information to the casino.

Ideally, a player can send a bank extract in PDF from the online bank:

  • The account extract must be dated three months at the maximum;
  • The full account number should appear in the certificate and must match the information provided above to the Casino;
  • The bank logo should be visible;
  • Screen capture should include the entire page;
  • The full name and player address should appear in the form.

Online Portfolios (e-Wallets) and your online casino certification

To certify your online wallet as a way of payment, you need to do the following:

  • Make a screenshot of e-Wallet account;
  • The certificate must show its full name, account number and e-mail;
  • Screen capture should also include the e-Wallet logo;
  • The entire browser page must be visible;

How to get a screen capture of different computers

How simple it became difficult. Nowadays, each computer has its own screen capture instructions and many find the situation very difficult. Below are simplified screen capture instructions for common operating systems.


If you have a Windows 10 operating system, follow the steps below when making a screen capture:

  • Press the Windows and Print Screen (SCRN) buttons simultaneously;
  • Parabéns! Acabaste de salvar o ecrã como arquivos de imagem no seu computador, onde encontrará a imagem -> meu computador -> fotos -> screenshots.


With this operating system, the screen capture is exactly as in the previous item, Windows 10.

Mac OS X

The screen captures in Macs are a bit more challenging than previous Windows systems.

To save the entire screen, follow these steps:

  • Press CMD + SHIFT and the numerical key 3 at the same time;
  • The entire screen is saved on the desktop of your computer where you can easily find it. The image is saved by date and time, if applicable to contain many documents on your desktop;
  • If you want to take a capture of only part of the screen, simply press CMD + SHIFT + the numeric key 4 at the same time. A tool will appear to cut the point you want to capture, and so, just define it.


Although the document request process by online casinos may seem uncomfortable and generally have a first negative impression, it is completely done to ensure player safety.

The documentation is requested for online casinos to meet their players. They are needed to ensure the age of the player and their place of residence.

In addition, players must provide a certificate to the casino to confirm the deposit method for which the gains will be reimbursed, in case of the value withdrawal.

Never forget Practice the game responsible And ensure the fun in one of the fun online casinos for Australian players!