How to identify an untrusted casino

Learn how to identify non-reliable casinos

This guide will help you understand which essential topics to distinguish a reputable casino from a possible impostor.

The internet is full of different casinos and often players are a bit uncertain about security in bet monetary values in that casino. For this reason, we decided to write our own tips in on how to eliminate non-reliable casinos from the options. So if you are looking for a new playground, this article will help you before making a decision!

Learn to observe the details

Generally, the online casinos are reliable and registration is also safe. Unfortunately, in this situation, we always find exceptions. The best tip we can give you while browsing the casinos is to maintain common sense.

Also, keep in mind that if you are promised something that is too good to be true, it is usually not true! Well, it may seem obvious, but many players are caught by surprise, and even if we gave all possible tips, yet the incidents are likely to occur ... Well, here are some tips to check before signing up for an online casino:

Unable Casino - Unauthorized Site

First of all, we want to highlight something that can not be super emphasized in warranty! Always check that the online casino you are entering is licensed. This detail is easy to check because it is mandatory to provide information at the end of the online casino home page. If no license is found in the casino in question, simply do not send your information to the site.

The purpose of licenses is to ensure that the online casino fulfills the principles of good faith and pay normal taxes. Many licensors also verify the integrity of the casino, which is also one of the most important things! Casino licenses are for control of:

  1. Advertising control. Online casinos have rigorous regulations and, for this reason, marketing should stay within limits. It's how to imagine an online casino to publish a merchandising on an educational site: makes no sense;
  2. Personal information from customers. In casinos, players release a huge amount of data on themselves. Licenses ensure that customer safety and privacy are maintained, and with absolute secrecy;
  3. Tax payment. It is as if we do not have to talk about it, but obviously, it is the primary point. Licensers monitor the online casino for money laundering activities, for example.

Existing licenses in casinos

Many players may have heard that there are differences in licenses. The most common licenses we can find in online casinos in general, are the licenses of Malta, Cyprus, UK, Gibraltar and Curaçao. European - Malta, UK and Gibraltar licenses are particularly more expensive and difficult to achieve, as they follow a more rigid protocol.

Site layout also affects casino safety?

Does the layout of an online casino page affect security? The answer is: Of course! Imagine finding a page of some game that seems to have been distorted in a hurry, and with problems loading? If a site is produced in a matter of minutes, what would be the motivation of the founders of the Site?

In general, new game websites are carefully designed, extremely modern and, of course, easy to use. This is a huge benefit, both for the player and for the site, since the first impressions are particularly important in all things.

In addition, it is really alarming if there are huge scandals circulating by the online casino in which you are diving. Whenever you are on the web, remember to be critical to the sources you find. There are many players who give opinion about the casinos, and they themselves, for example, played without winning, or have not been testing what they are witnessing.

Casinos that have complaints in bonus terms, for example, with continuous feeds, should be neglected, since it already gives a very bad image of their performance. However, it is good to remember Read the terms and conditions of bonus Each time you leave to claim the premiums or make a withdrawal. Among the bonuses that are declined, the most common causes are:

  • The account was opened with incorrect information;
  • The player has several accounts;
  • The bonus is overcome and the player tried to remove it;
  • The player played a game that is not among the contemplated and allowed to use the bonus;
  • The player is playing in a very high bet and, for this reason, the payment of the gains was declined.

Non-reliable money transfer methods

Come on! Who would like to provide bank information for anyone? We believe that no one ... online casinos usually have extensive money transfer options for both deposit and withdrawal. The most common cards accepted by casinos are Visa, MasterCard And, of course, the traditional bank transfer. In addition, electronic wallets, also known by e-Wallets, such as Skrill e Neteller, are the most common methods in online casinos.

Well, we already know that online casinos give us options and we do not necessarily need to share bank data. But, and what guarantee is the transfer method reliable? Our tip is: Stay closely, if the site offers your players only a couple of options and these options include cards such as PaysafeCard, where the deposit is immediate and without security. It's worth thinking twice. This is a sign that could indicate a more serious problem and put in doubt the safety of this casino.

In addition, as casinos verify their information and payment methods, it is recommended to take a look at these points listed below, to prevent it from being a victim of an impostor casino:

  • Cover part of the series of card numbers. If you enter all numbers, you will be exposed to abuses;
  • The three-digit CVV code on the back of the card should always be covered. If the CVV code and the number in front of the card are in the wrong hands, the impostor can use your card anywhere, for diverse purchases;
  • If the online casino does not accept your card without seeing the CVV code, close your account immediately!


Unfortunately, there are non-reliable casinos on the market, as well as in all sectors we think. Above we explore the pillars that, can not guarantee 100% that will never be a victim of a blow, but will avoid, and much, that happens.

The terms are not very difficult and with common sense, everything goes well. The most important thing to remember is to check the casino licenses and the country where the license is located.

The appearance of the casino also tells him much- without mentioning the huge role played by the payment methods and the necessary documents when opening a casino account!

In doubt, search for web reviews with other players, argue, ask, ask and ask.