How to Control the Budget when playing

Learn how to control the budget at the time of the game

Playing online is fun, but can be dangerous when we do not have caution. Learn how to control your expenses at the time of play with this guide

Very heard about the Responsible game And how important it is to keep the game habit just as a form of fun, but we know that in practice, the subject is much broader. Also, control what we call Bankroll, which is nothing more than the budget a player has to play in the casino.

Our team prepared a guide to help you manage your bankroll in online casino, so you can better manage how to play.

Decide the budget

Before you start playing, you have to take a good look at your general financial status and see how much you can afford to play. But the real question here is, "What can I lose if you do not win anything?"

We are all guilty of thinking that we will earn more than we deposit and it happens with people quite often, but not all the time.

It's not something you can tell for sure, so make sure you cover your bases and never spend money you need to go to your bills or food, and then keep a maximum ceiling to bet on your favorite casino.

Use Casino Bonus and Free Spins

This seems to be such a basic and simple point to be understood, but the fact is that many people ignore this advice and only deposit in the first online casino they find.

Here in We are constantly reviewing the Best and more reliable online casinos in Australia, to see which of them offer their players the greatest welcome bonuses in their first deposits as well as monthly or weekly recharging bonuses.

It is important to find one, two or three casinos that give you the most lucrative casino bonuses for the value of your deposit, which can go even a corresponding bonus of 400% the deposited value! Therefore, do not discard these offers and always upgrade with new promotions. You can also get dozens and even hundreds of free rounds for casino games, which allow games for free, but get real money.

Do not spend the bankroll all at once

Once you know your budget - let's say it's 300 € - you can deposit it in a confidence casino to get the bonuses and then start playing. What we always recommend, however, is to "spread" your money over time.

If you are reading this article, you probably love playing online casino games not only for the possibility of winning, but for the pure emotion and pleasure of it. Imagine that the € 300 we have been commenting earlier, be your Bankroll of the month. Obviously, if you play this value in one day, there is the possibility of winning or losing is the same. There are days that you can be luckier than others, and with the skill games your intuition help you more or less depend on the day.

Find the best paid games

As you probably know, all casino games have the advantage of the house (called House Edge) and also the RTP, which is the theoretical percentage of return to the player. Note that the Slot Book of Ra Deluxe has a RTP of 94.26% while the Robin Hood Shifting Riches slot a 96.8% RTP. This is 2.54% difference, which is actually a lot. We are not saying that Book of Ra is not worth being played, but if you are worried about your return, you should check this percentage before playing.

Some skill games with the craps Or the Three Card Poker have a very low advantage in the house, then give them a chance can also be beneficial for your bankroll.

Separate gains and deposits

When you are lucky enough that with your deposit of 150 € and earning an equal or higher amount, make an immediate withdrawal from the initial deposit and now start playing with your earnings. This drastically reduces the risk of losing, and helps you have a truly clever bankroll strategy.

Use e-wallets (electronic wallets)

To help you better manage your casino's expenses and budget, we suggest you open a separate account with one of the e-Wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller or PaysafeCard, which are completely separate from all other financial accounts. This will make it much easier to control your expenses and not waste a lot of money.

Stay strong and control the emotions

This is a valid behavioral tip for many occasions, including physical and online casinos. The player needs to acquire a strategy of appropriate behavior during the winning and losing phases. In general, it is suggested not to increase bets during losses in order to pursue them and make money back.

On the other hand, if you are going through a good sequence of victories, you can slightly increase the bets to take advantage of the situation. Find out what works for your control staff, and continue with this without losing calm - this is probably the best advice available, although it takes time and practice to dominate and controlling our emotional system, especially when we dare this subject to the world cash bets.

It seems certain moment

It's hard to stop when you're winning, and it's even harder to stop when you're getting too much, but without defining certain limits for the time, money, losses and victories or just get out of the game at the right time, you'll never get a bankroll Well-managed casino.

We hope our tips have been helpful and that you can use some of them to improve your casino bankroll management skills.