Responsible game

How to practice the responsible game

Meet the practices in order to avoid moving from the limits of fun when playing and prevents the consequences of game abuse

Learn how to identify and solve game abuses

We know that all abuse is not healthy, and when we talk about online games, it becomes necessary for players to play their leisure time and no dependence. For this, casinos should offer tools to aid players with vicious trends following the responsible game.

What is the responsible game?

The term 'responsible game' in short, means the ability to play without the risk of developing a problematic or pathological game. It is associated with the behavior of a player who guides his game options consciously, to exercise full control of time and money, without calling his family, social or professional responsibilities.

O Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), Developed by the World Health Organization, it describes addiction to gambling as a disorder, with the presence of a persistent and recurrent malhone adaptive behavior that leads to a mental clinical impairment or discomfort of the individual.

The responsible game is a practice in order to avoid, or prevent, which players pass from what would be considered fun, when practicing cash bets in physical or online casinos.

Do you have a potential addiction in gambling games?

Below is a list of questions you can do to yourself to know if you are a potential player with trends to addiction.

  • Do you really think to stop playing after a loss?
  • Does your game cause financial problems for you or your family?
  • Do you feel guilty for the amount of money you spend on the game?
  • Does the game adversely affect your personal relationships, your work or studies?
  • Does your game cause you any health problems, including stress or anxiety?
  • Are you uneasy if you're not playing?
  • You need to play with large sums of money to have the same feeling of excitement?
  • Do you think you can have problems with the game?

Helping someone with game problems

After analyzing the above questions, do you feel at risk and would you like to be helped or help a friend with trends to game abuse? The first thing to do is try to dialogue about the problem and seek help with the existing organ in each country to know how to proceed.

In Australia, one can the life line by 1414 and will be directed to the central help to combat the abuse of the game.

Legal age for gambling and minor protection

Each country has the two guidelines and rules to bet on casinos. Of course, all with legal age limit to avoid the exposure of minors. One of the basic requirements is the checking of photo documents to be sure that the user is not going through another.

In Australia, the majority considered to play in casinos is 18 years, however there are countries like the United States, where the minimum age is 21 years.

Install control software or Internet filters on your computer if you live with people under 18 years - this type of software can be obtained through addresses such as, for example, Net Nanny, e CYBERPATROL.

The user can also install tools like, gamblock, which limits access to online game sites through the link

Responsible Game Tools

We must remind you that the deregered practice of the game can cause addiction. Therefore, there are some tools that online casinos make available to ensure that you have a responsible game experience, and avoid abuse, as we will see below:

Deposit limit

Deviledly licensed online casinos offer definition options for daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits, according to the player's desire to self policed as to the amount to spend.


Try to know if the casino in which you are playing has the option so that manages your losses and decides a limit, whether everyday, weekly or monthly, so you will not lose more than planned.

Session time limit

There are casinos that have the option to limit the time the user will be betting on the website. An excellent option for those who seek not to exceed the time considered healthy in the practice of the game. In this case, there is still the possibility of creating time alerts, so the casino server itself will warn you when the set time limit is reached.


One of the measures in place in all casinos in Australia is an ease of self-exclusion that allows individuals to exclude during a certain period of time of the game in the casino, when it is self-judged in relation to the practice of bets.

This form can be found on the official website of the Srij game regulation and inspection services in Australia.

Organizations that can help you and guide you

In Australia, the organ that can help you with problems with the abuse of the game is the SICAD - intervention service in additives and dependency behaviors, through the site. In case of immediate and free aid, call 1414 for life line, where you will support and advice on how to continue - available every day of 10h-18h.

Help useful data around the world for addiction to gambling games

  • USA – The National Council on Problem Gambling
  • Argentina - Responsible Game - WhatsApp 011-1524416058
  • Belgium - What - 02 423 03 33
  • Australia - Anonymous Players - +55 (11) 3229-1023
  • Canada – ProblemGambling – 1-866-531-2600
  • Chile - Psychologists Ludopathy Chile - 9 222 3860
  • Germany - play with responsibility: gambling addiction - 0800-1 37 27 00
  • Spain - Fair - 900 200 225
  • France – IFAC – + 33 (0) 2 40 84 76 20
  • Italy - Tvnga - 800 55 88 22
  • Netherlands - agog - 0900-2177721 (link € 0.10 per minute)
  • Norway - Helpline - 800 800 40
  • Austria - Game addiction - (1) 544 13 57
  • Switzerland - Looking for Switzerland - 021 321 29 11
  • Sweden - The support line - 020-819 100 (09H Ás 21h)