Slot Tracker: How to use this tool

Learn how to track your victories and RTP of slot games

A new tool can help you check out data such as RTP, volatility and hit fee in casinos games

If it is one of those players who are always tuned in online games, Slot Tracker software can look more familiar - if you do not know him, do not worry.

In this article, our Team presents you the key benefits and resources of the Slot Tracker to help you understand how this software can track the slots of great victories that will help you increase the gain premium!

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How Slot Tracker works

Slot Tracker is a software that monitors players activity over more than 4,500 slots by most popular casino game providers. It works to use an extension format on Google Chrome, so that when the player opens a slot and presses the rotation button, this software instantly tracks the network data that is sent from side to side to the Slot Developers. This allows users to view exactly what happened while they were playing.

Key Benefits and Resources of the Tracker Slot

If you play online slots to make real money, then there is no other tool like the Tracker slot to help you bet smarter and take control of your gambling activity. This tool will help you find the best slot games to play online and provide a wealth of information, so you have a much greater chance of winning more slot machines.

By providing relevant reviews for slots, the Tracker Slot can actually help you track the best slots to play online. This is because it will no longer need to depend on the limited data published by game developers.

Developers They will usually publish the theoretical RTP and the maximum victory of the game, but the Tracker slot will give you real data based on the results of real turns and can serve as an extremely useful tool!

You will be able to see legal statistics that you can not find anywhere else, as the best registered victory (which will give you an indication of the likelihood of winning the maximum amount declared by the game provider).

One of the main characteristics of the Tracker slot is your ability to track and update real-time data while you play, provide the player's actual percentages of RTP and the results of Bonus Gain. Among its main resources, the player will benefit from:

  • Tracking data with live graphics and updated mapping solutions in real time. These data are very easy to understand and can actually help you compare and choose the best slots to play.
  • Community statistics: You can evaluate RTP percentages, average bonuses, bonus frequency and other data generated from thousands of other players who are connected to Slot Tracker software and compare their results with others from others.
  • The option to map results by slots, casinos and suppliers:This will help you identify the great wips of gains and review what slots are paying more, see how it has been in different casinos and also check which game developers are producing the best bonuses with and more payment.
  • Control of expenses: You can view the expenses per casino or by game, and also consult your profit and loss numbers. By doing this, there is the option to include items such as deposit bonuses and free round gains.
  • Registers all slots that can be exported to CSV and RAW files: They will provide data on profit and losses of each round in an individually slot.
  • Bet rating: It refers to the ability of a space to complete a bonus and will help players choose the best positions to play if they intend to avoid losing money when betting on a bonus.

Find the best bonus slots with the Slot Tracker

A sensational resource in the Tracker slot and that we believe it deserves special attention is the fact that it can actually help you identify the best bonus slots on the market. You can choose to view information as a bonus frequency, correct rate, better bonus payment and bonus average at each slot that played, and also consult community data to see how your own results compare.

All these data are indicative of the potential of the slot to pay and how big you can expect payments to be.

In this way, the Tracker Slot will help you find the best slots to play online, since everything you need to do is take into account the figures mentioned above and see how they compare to other bonus slots.

Other features such as the volatility index and the winning chart (which shows the relationship between the basic game and the bonus victories), will help you find out if the game corresponds to your longings because they will give you a good indication of payment .

Play Online Slots and Earn Real Money with the Help of the Tracker Slot!

If the benefits and features above look legal for you, the next step is to create an account with the Tracker slot. This amazing tool is absolutely free and can use it for an unlimited period of time, so it really has nothing to lose! Register through the link To get your search for those big prizes and make your bets count on the Tracker slot!