Live casinos

The best live casinos to play in 2022!

From the roulette tables to the best suppliers: All about live casinos in Australia and how the coolest studios work that transmit real-time games.

What is live casino?

Also known as Live CasinoIn English, this is a segment of the online betting world where you play in real time.

It's like I'm facing the television of your address to see your Game Show preferred, of those with music, games, presenters, premiums and etc.

But in a live game, the power is in your hands: you can choose your favorite game when playing, from where and how much bet, chooses the best bonus for you, interacts with the presenter, among other advantages.

Live casinos still do not have a valid activity license to act in Australia. Check more details on the last item of this article.

Behind the scenes: How do the live casinos work?

Just like on TV, real-time casino studios are modern, turns, filled with colors and lights. Thing five stars!

An presenter welcomes you with a smile on the face and gives you the game guidelines. They also hit the biggest chat with players about various themes.

Behind the friendly smile of the dealer, there is a team of professionals who make the studio work.

To host a live game like the Evolution Gaming, for example, that is one of the most cool casino suppliers in this segment, is required:

  • A traditional studio or casino.
  • A games table / gaming equipment.
  • A dealer / crupier / presenter / dealer.
  • Webcams HD.
  • Sensores RFID.
  • A virtual interface and online database.

From there, the action is transmitted to a network of casino sites through webcam (s). Each movement is visible to players and registered by RFID sensors that transmit information to an online database.

Once the results are obtained, everything is time to determine who wins.

"You're talking strange names. I'm not realizing it, Okinawa-net. "

It's because! My apologies. Let's synthesize in popular language:

You will have the same incredible feeling of being inside a real casino.

You can even feel like Las Vegas, shovel! 😎

Are the live casinos manipulated?

Good question!

There is always anyone who is asked what exists behind the cameras and if the live game providers "hide some card in the sleeve."

It is a matter that needs, yes, be made and discussed.

We are honest in saying that real-time games are not manipulated. But we guarantee this when we are talking about licensed and insurance casinos.

While playing an authorized and regulated site, you may be confident that the games are legitimate and will have the best possible experience.

How does this happen? Stay calm:

All the Live Transmission Game and studios are checked regularly. The equipment is certified and the resellers are all examined.

Reasons play in a live casino

Why play in a real-time transmission casino? First, because this is a top time of range. Second, because we have other good reasons:

  • They are immersive: We mean that digital animations are impressive, particularly in the world of modern games.

However, there is nothing like a real scenario. Games transmitted in real time not only seem to be realistic, they are actually real!

  • They are funny: A match of Blackjack is fun by itself, but Live Casino take things a step further.

Those people who can be called various names (dealer, presenter and etc) are trained to get involved with players, narrate about action and create a positive atmosphere.

In addition, creative scenarios, disco lights and animations enhance the game experience.

  • They are fair and safe: When you are playing with real presenters, there are no uncertainties because you can see everything happen before your eyes.

When combining with regulations, rigorous equipment, cameras and others, games are obtained that are visibly fair.

  • They are constantly evolving: Perhaps the best reason to give a play in the transmission games in a timely time is the fact that there is room for growth.

There will also be more interesting innovations for the next few years. An innovation that has arisen in recent times is to play slots In real time.

Do you know that?
About 70% of visitors to the casinos in Las Vegas play only in slot machines, to leave the other aside.

Top List Live Casino Games Most Playing

Let's meet the most popular live games and like playing online.

Live poker

Poker is the most popular casinos card game and, such popularity, of course, would be brought to the Live Casinos universe as well.

How to play live poker: To play, the croupier will give the cards, and the player must follow the same steps as if he were at a real physical table: to pass, order another letter or give up.

The rounds here also follow the same pattern for all players, and then the overall gameplay is not very different from the video poker, another popular version of the poker that is operated through an RNG computer.

⇒ The most popular versions are: Live Three Card Poker it's the Live Holdem Poker.

Learn about the most popular versions of poker at casinos online right now!

Blackjack (Live Blackjack)

O Blackjack It is another very popular game in the catalogs of Live Casinos, mainly due to the different boundaries of the table.

How to play Live Blackjack: Just as the traditional, but with the detail that there are always tables with croupiers available, 24h online, which does not happen in the real casino.

⇒ Live blackjack can be found in the following main versions: Live Common Draw Blackjack, Bet Behind Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack e Infinite Blackjack.

Roleta (Live Roulette)

Known for being the most glamorous game of a casino, roulette is much appreciated by enthusiasts.

How to play live roulette: The player has with the dealer, which will play the ball and the camera will show all the angles on which it will walk, until you reach the final number.

⇒ The main versions are: Immersive Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Live Lightning Roulette e Speed Roulette.

Dice games (Live Craps)

Playing data is a dating fun of antiquity and much popularized worldwide. And yes, now we can play data in Live Casinos.

How to play live craps: It does not require a complex strategy, but understanding of probabilities can increase your chances. Learn how to play craps online!

Bacará (Live Baccarat)

Similar to blackjack, another classic is Baccará (or baccarat, in English).

How to play Live Baccaria: No. blackjack The goal is to reach close to 21 points in Baccará, sum should not exceed 9 points, with the difference of the available strands and limits you want.

⇒ You can find the following aspects: Baccarat Squeeze, Live Speed Baccarat e Live No Commission Baccarat.

How to Play Live Casino Games

They are not different from any other type of casino game.

Regardless of whether it is inside a physical casino or fighting with an invisible random number generator, the way blackjack plays and other classic offers is always the same.

That means you need to know the rules of the game you are playing, have a sufficient balance and bet an amount you can afford.

If you are not sure about a certain aspect of the game, ask the dealer. His work is to explain and entertain in equal measure.

Of course it is worth having some knowledge before you begin. For this, we suggest reading our Guide on how to play in a casino.

After that, you need to find the right place to play.

We have many Abouts of casinos To help you find the right place.

Do you know that?
Napoleon Bonaparte spent the last days of life, exiled on Elba Island, using Blackjack as a hobby.

How to find a live casino spinning?

We can tell you what websites are with the best rankings. In fact, we do in our comments. However, we also believe you need to think for yourself.

In fact, your tastes can be different from ours. So with this in mind, here is a quick checklist of 9 tips that you can use when evaluating a casino site:

  1. Read our reviews

Our casino reviews will allow you to know which tables with real croupie and which suppliers can expect to find on each online platform. We also report whether a website offers live casino bonus and regular promotions at their tables.

  1. See the product offer

The technology of a Live Casino is impressive, so notice if the software of a site is compatible with your screen. If the site takes to load or if the aesthetics is not from your liking, it is not worth in.

  1. Welcome Bonus Offer or Live Casino Promotions

All sites wishing to compete in today's industry need to have at least one Welcome bonus. If you have to go through many obstacles to unlock a live casino bonus, it is not worth it.

  1. VIP Incentives for Live Casino Players

Some online casinos will have a loyalty scheme, others do not. Those who will value the players differently. When scaling a new site, observe the bonus contribution weights. Of course, the better the weighting, the more attractive will be the place.

  1. Live Casino Tables with Brand

An operator that takes seriously the games that provides, often, will have brand games. They are housed in the same studio as the games available on a website network. The mark tables not only provide a more intimate and preferential experience, but are also a sign of quality.

  1. Appearance and studio design

The live games are great, but everyone looks different. Evolution studios will have a different sensation from the Netent and Playtech.

Some developers tend more to traditional aesthetic, while others prefer to be more innovative.

  1. Technology and functionality

All the best poker games, blackjack, roulette and other real-time transmitted games should be available on the desktop and mobile devices. In addition to basic functionality, you should also look for additional extras such as a touch bets, statistics and parallel betting that can trigger progressive jackpots.

  1. Streamer

Accompany the Live Transmissions no Twitch or other channels to learn the best strategy. They usually comment on how the game unfolds, and can still have a good idea.

  1. Bet Requirements

Are there betting restrictions in this modality? Are contributing weightings favorable to Live Games or not? These are the questions you need to do if you play games show or anything else online.

Do you know that?
Evolution Gaming won the Casino Year Supplier Award in the EGR B2B Awards 2022 after launching a record of 12 new Live Games in 12 months.

Live Casino Games no Mobile

These games are compatible with almost all mobile devices. Operators usually have optimized sites that work with iOS, Android, Windows or any other smart mobile device.

Alternatively, you can also download an iOS or Android application and get instant access to mobile casino live on the initial part of your screen. We suggest playing through a Wi-Fi connection.

The Best Suppliers of Live Casino Games

Some of the developers of Live Game Casinos which should check are:

  • Evolution: The leader in this field, it not only creates high quality Live Roulette, Blackjack and other table games, but still innovative offers like Dream Catcherr, Monopoly e Crazy Time.
  • Authentic Gaming: The main supplier of these games, focuses mainly on studio-based games. However, his partnership with international royal casinos such as Foxwoods, O Hippodrome it's the Grand Casino Bucharest It means that it offers unique and authentic experiences within these places.
  • NetEnt Live: It is best known for your digital slots and table games. However, in recent years, it has changed to the Lives Transmissions. Netent Live Creates brand games, roulette and a variety of blackjack variants, to include blitz, in 12 different languages.
  • Playtech: This developer has a streaming extremely fast, with quality also in HD; while allowing easy and agile interaction between the players and dealers. It is known to have a nice variety of games for all tastes.

How to register on a Live Casino?

Registration is simple as in any online casino:

  1. Go to the casino home page.
  2. Click the registration or registration button.
  3. Enter the required details (name, e-mail, mobile phone, etc.).
  4. Value your account.
  5. Claim your Live Casino Live Bonus (if available).
  6. Go to the Live Casino section of the platform.
  7. Choose a table that suits your budget and participate.

Casino live in Australia - cool and fixe?

In many countries, games in Casino Live are perfectly legal. These games are broadcast directly by a licensed provider, which must have a legal operating license to provide real-time games.

However, the laws on bets vary for each country. In places like the United Kingdom, Spain, Malta and Italy, the games are available and should comply with the local laws of regulatory bodies.

"So, can I play casino online in Australia?"

To date, Live Casinos still do not have a valid performance license in the country. By determination of Srij (game regulation and inspection services), no casino can offer games in Live streaming For Australian players.

Common questions

The most popular Live Casino games are poker, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Data Games and Game Shows.
First, you should check out if the online casino you are looking for offers live games. Then just register, take advantage of a Live Casino bonus and start betting.
No! Live casinos have the same mechanism and chances of gaining from a land casino as they are normal dealers that command the table. Unlike normal online casino games that use RNG to ensure randomness of victories.
Not until now. There is no online casino that is licensed that offers Live Games in Australia.
Among the most popular market names of the Live Games Market, we find Netent, Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming and Playtech.
Live Casinos providers must have a legal operating license to make Live Games available. However, the laws on bets vary for each country. In Australia, by determination of Srij (game regulation and inspection services), no casino can offer games in Live Streaming for Australian players.