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In Australian lands establishments use a wide variety of payment forms, and with casinos this would not be different. Local and also international payment methods are providing practical and safety players in their bets.

How are your payment data when playing in online casinos?

The vast majority of us has paid for an online item from companies like Amazon or eBay and, to facilitate this, we chose a payment method that was available to us.

Of credit and debit cards to electronic portfolios, the variety of online payment methods is wide - and the good news is that the best casinos online accept a diverse selection of payment options.

Okinawa-net always indicates legalized casinos by Service of regulation and inspection of games, Srij. With this, you can find the most reliable payment methods to bet on online games.

Did you know?

The first ATM boxes installed in Australia were in 1985, where 12 Cash Boxes were ready to be used in Porto and Lisbon.

Popular payment methods at Australian casinos

To deposit in online casinos, players usually use credit / debit cards, electronic portfolios or bank transfers.

Here is a list of the most commonly used payment methods in Australian casinos:

Payment methodKindAverage deposit timeMean time of withdrawalTransaction feecasinos
VisaCredit / debit card10 minutes2 days2%Casinos Visa
MasterCardCredit / debit card15 minutes3 days1,5%Casinos Mastercard
MultibancoLocal transfers10 minutesOn average 24h1,3%Casinos Multibanco
Bank slipTicket 30 minutesOnly deposit0%Casinos with ticket
PayPaleWallet10 minutesOn average 24h0%Casinos PayPal
SkrilleWallet10 minutesOn average 24h1%Casinos Skills.
NetellereWallet10 minutesOn average 24h2,5%Casinos Neteller
PaysafeCardprepaid card10 minutesOnly deposit0%Casinos Paysafecard
Bank transferTransfer30 minutes2-6 days0%Casinos accepting transfers

The different types of payment methods

There are questions that should always consider when adding a payment method to your casino account.
Among which practicality, fees and processing time of your transaction.

Australian players usually use Multibanco As the first payment method option in online casinos.

However, there are other options accessible as credit and debit cards, electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller, among others.

Below we compiled a list of payment methods with the most popular options in Australia and specifically those that are appreciated by casino players for their speed, safety and ease of use.

Debit and credit cards

Debit and credit cards are the most used payment methods in online casinos. The greatest justifications for this are due to the processing time and the additional security they provide.

● Visa

Undoubtedly the payment method most accepted by online casinos, Visa offers storage speed and security for its users.

Deposit using a VISA card and your funds will go to your casino account almost instantly.

The additional safety of Visa Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa) is also very welcome.

● MasterCard

Very commonly, casinos allow the player to make only deposits on their accounts using MasterCard.

Typically, withdrawals are not accepted and therefore one should choose a different payment method to remove their earnings.

However, it is still a smart move to use MasterCard as a deposit option, with quick transaction speeds and the additional security of security features such as SecureCode.

● Maestro Card

As MasterCard, it is rare that the player can withdraw in casinos online with his master.

However, deposits are usually free and, again, the player will have to use its unique secureCode to make a payment, which adds a security layer to the process.

● American Express

While it is considered a rare online payment method for casino bets, you can use your American Express card to deposit into selected betting homes.

Although the ability to make a survey is not always at stake.

The SafeKey authentication tool makes transactions safer and limits the risk of your data to be compromised.

● Entropay

Although Entropay has been essentially closed in 2019, it is still used as a method of payment for some of the most popular market casinos.

It is a card that uses the Visa network and should be funded by another source of payment.

One of the main reasons why it is so popular among some casinos is because the user does not have to reveal the details of their credit or debit card, just those of your Entropay card.


Pioneer in Australia, the national ATM network is widely used for deposits in online casinos.

The great advantages of this method is the ease and speed of transactions as it is enough to have access to an ATM or the homebanking service of your bank to be able to use this form of payment for deposits in online casinos.


Basically, this is the platform that allows you to make deposits through the MBWAY application. The user can then manage a virtual card, which allows to make purchases, transfer and raise money; through mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet and also by the computer.

● MEO Wallet

MEO - Communications and multimedia services, S.A., previously called PT Communications, was established in 2000 in Australia.

It is a virtual portfolio that can be used to pay everything, including deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. To load the MEO Wallet balance just make a bank transfer through the ATM or with a bank credit card.

MEO Wallet has the App itself - available for download android and ios- meets users through mobile phone, SMS or on online platforms.


Most popular among Internet users who seek anonymity in their payments, cryptomoedas also offer incredible security thanks to their private security key system.

You can access the Casino's public address and then enter your private key to make a payment.

● Bitcoin

If a Casino accepts cryptomoeda as a payment method, it is more likely that BitCoin is at the top of the list.

This is the most common form of currency and although deposits and withdrawals can take more time to be processed than other forms of payment, they are at least safe and completely anonymous.

● Ethereum

The second most popular currency, behind Bitcoin, Etherum offers many of the same benefits as its main rival - namely security and anonymity, in addition to a recognized and pleasant way to spend your ETH.

Electronic wallets

When speed is the priority, electronic wallets are usually the first choice of casino players.

Deposits are usually instantaneous, thus allowing you to start playing your favorite games as soon as possible.

Not only deposits, but withdrawals tend to be faster than with other online payment methods as well.

● Skrill

Previously known as Moneybookers, you can deposit in your Skrill account in several different ways, and this method of payment is accepted by the vast majority of Australian casinos.

● Neteller

Designed specifically for online games, Neteller continues to be one of the main online casino payment methods. You can deposit and withdraw with Neteller quickly.

● PayPal

It has established itself as a safe alternative to traditional payment methods. Similar to PayPal and Skrill, this is one of the most used deposit methods in online casinos from around the world!

● Click2Pay

Well similar to the PayPal method, it is an Ewallet specialized in online money transfers, with the protection of your bank details. Click2Pay allows access to your online account where you can view the payments, extracts, and manage your data.

● MuchBetter

An Award-winning Payment App and Electronic Portfolio that is growing in popularity around the world, Muchbetter is a secure payment method that ensures "fast transactions, quiet withdrawals and exclusive rewards."

Mobile Payment Apps

Revol - A method that has been popularized very fast in Europe, the Revolution uses the Visa and MasterCard flags, and so can add money to your casino account without sharing your confidential information.

● Zimpler - This practical application allows the user to connect their bank accounts and casino without sharing confidential data. It's fast and safe for online shopping in general.

● PayPal Mobile App - PayPal has its own app, which increases your online security by adding a password to the combination as an additional security layer.

● Skrill app - You can activate your SKRill online account or on a specific APP, and thus perform deposits and withdrawals whenever you want.

● Neteller App - When searching for a dedicated Neteller solution that does not require the startup of your Internet browser, you can download the app and make transactions from it.

Bank transfers

Although considered by some as a bit old-fashioned in an ultra-fast transaction era with electronic cards and portfolio, bank transfers are reliable and secure and ideal for those who do not want to use their debit or credit cards for gaming purposes.

● Bank transfers - While not necessarily the fastest payment of online payment, bank transfers are at least incredibly secure, as they use the extra security protocol that their financial institution has implemented.

Now many sites accept fast bank transfer, a process that - as it should probably have guessed - accelerates the process a bit.

● Banking boleto - A very popular method used by Australian players - although it is available at Australian online casinos. The ticket consists of valid billing bonds for general payments.

A document with a serial number and bar code is generated - as a temporary credit card that allows to be paid in the way that it is appropriate. Thus deposits are made in the casino account. The method is safe, but it is not immediate as a direct banking transaction, for example, or as credit cards.

● Wire Transfer - This method is essentially equal to a bank transfer, although, in this case, its funds are usually sent internationally, rather than a bank account in Australia to another.

● Trustly - This is actually a technology provider used by companies such as PayPal to make payments, but they also have their own product that casino players can use as one of their favorite online payment methods.

● Giropay - Another traditional bank transfer platform, Giropay is very popular in Germany, where it is used as an intermediary between banking institutions and online casino sites.

● Immediate - This is actually the old commercial name of Klarna, an online payments specialist. Klarna is also accepted in some casinos, being speed and security the order words of this platform.

● InstaDebit - With a high level security, such as encryption of 128 bits and firewalls, InstadeBIT is the preferred bank transfer platform in Canada.

Prepaid cards and vouchers

The best alternative for anonymous deposits is undoubtedly, a prepaid card or voucher.

With them, there is no sharing of bank data with third parties or credit card number or debit.

Instead, your voucher will have a unique code where you simply need to insert on the screen to make a deposit in your casino account.

● Paysafecard - The vast majority of casinos in Australia offer this common method for deposits.

To use it, simply simply buy an online card or through a local dealer, and then rescue the value of the card into the casino operator with the unique 16-digit code.

● EcoPayz - EcoPayz partnered with MasterCard to deliver his non- card - Ecocard. This allows you to send money online instantly.

You can request an ECOCARD without the need for a bank account.

Did you know?
Fisglobal statistics show that the most commonly used online payment methods are electronic portfolios (36%), credit cards (23%) and debit cards (12%).

Solutions for common payment problems

Although the payment process is usually direct when depositing or withdrawing, problems may occur.

This is a quick view of solutions to the most common problems:

1. I can not find where to check my payment methods ...

All information you need in relation to verification are stored in the dashboard of your casino account .. Look for the name of your payment method there, or check your inbox - if the casino has a messaging service.

2. I can not change my payment method in my account ...

In your Dashboard, you will find a section dedicated to the management of your payment methods online. You can change your main payment method there.

3. I can not remove my credit card from my account ...

Again, in your dashboard you will see that you can modify or even delete options from your payment method list.

4. I can not hold deposits through my cell phone ...

Do not panic, but certainly do not try to make a deposit repeatedly - more than one payment may end up being processed.

Your best option is to wait a bit, because sometimes the problem may be in the casino. Contact customer support directly as soon as possible.

5. I requested a retreat with my card. Why are the funds are still available in my balance?

In this case, the withdrawal probably has not been triggered - this can happen on rare occasions. Simply request the withdrawal again or customer support for more information.

6. My last deposit was not added to my account ...

Sometimes deposits do not happen instantly, then patience is your best tactic in this case.

But if the problem persists for 24 hours or more, customer support to see if they have a deadline or if the payment has not yet been received.

Do not deposit again to prevent two deposits from being offset.

7. I can not take the withdrawal of my gains ...

There are several reasons why you can not get your earnings - most bonuses come with betting requirements.

Verify that the lifting value is within the minimum / maximum removal value and remember that not all payment methods allow surveys - some are only deposits. In case of doubt, customer support.

8. I can not cancel my withdrawal ...

One can cancel a survey request until the time the casino processes its transaction and sends the funds to your bank or to your card. After that, unfortunately, the surveys can not be canceled and you will have to deposit again to play.

9. I did not receive my earnings in full ...

Here is another reminder that casino bonuses have exclusive terms and conditions, which means that you may not be able to withdraw all the money you want.

Always read the T & CS before accepting a promotion! If your earnings were gained out of a bonus, please customer support with your doubt.

Did you know?
The biggest online casino victory in history is nearly 16 million pounds in the Mega Fortune Slots game. The newspapers were writing that the happy winner needed a special dispensation to draw the total jackpot premium!

4 simple tips to help you decide on a payment method

Need more help with the various payment methods in casinos in Australia? Here are five tips that can help you make your choice!

1. Security is fundamental

It should always protect your confidential financial data from hackers and people with bad intentions, especially online, while playing in online casinos should not be different.

Use only the safest options on our list of payment methods above and only play in licensed and regulated casinos overseen by regulating and game inspection services - Srij.

2. Speed is a differential

Although there is no doubt as important as safety- speed is still critical to players who wish to deposit and play in the blink of an eye.

Not all online casino payment methods are as fast as others, so make sure you read the rest of this guide EnglishCasino for more information.

3. Practicality in your favor

Any payment method you choose should work for you in all aspects of your life.

Some prefer credit cards instead of debt, while others prefer the ease of use of an electronic portfolio.

Make use of the method that is most convenient for you.

4. Take travel into consideration

If you are one of the players traveling and play abroad from time to time, make sure that the payment method you want to use is available.

Common questions

Among the most common forms of payment at online casinos in Australia, we find credit and debit cards Visa and MasterCard; In the electronic wallets we highlight Skrill and Neteller, but there are also other options such as PayPal, Click2Pay and Entropay.
Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency, which was established in 2008, and is very popularized enough within the virtual world. Making bets with Bitcoin has its advantages, starting with security, which as well as electronic portfolios (e-wallets), is not shared personal data.
the electronic wallets, popularly known as e-wallets, were created with the concept of a traditional portfolio; we use to save money; however, in the virtual world. With them, people do not have to leave home with live money or credit cards to make their purchases; and yes with the use of electronic devices.
Yea! The bank slip is a very popular method used by Australian players, but is also available at the Australian online casinos. The ticket consists of valid billing securities for use of the Australian banking network.