The most secure payment option on the market!

Meet the Muchbetter, a new and innovative online payback app that allows you to deposit and raise your gains from the main online casinos.

Muchbetter is a new and innovative payment method for online casinos. Allows you to confirm transactions directly on your mobile device, with only one click and the safest way possible, with lower rates compared to the competition!

Safety first!

  • Payment via Muchbetter is one of the safest in the market.
  • It has several security mechanisms to ensure that your money is protected.
  • Online game payments via Muchbetter are of the fastest and safe:
    • The app bets a lot in your privacy, following the most current data protection regulations and KYC (Know Your Client - Meet your client), so that all payments are authorized and reliable.
    • > aqui pode aceder a toda a informação legal.
    • Muchbetter works only with legal and licensed casinos so that he can be sure that he will be safe.

Muchbetter bets on a constant struggle to ensure the security of its users and offer quick payments and with complete confidence. For this reason, we evaluate the safety of the 5-star app.

Do you know that?

Muchbetter has the first dynamic CVV of the market. This security code is changed each time you make a payment, so that the account is virtually theft proof!


How to use the Muchbetter card in casinos?

To use Muchbetter, simply download the app and select the payment method when raising your earnings in your election casino.

Provided the ease of installing and using the app, as well as the Intuitive and simplified design, we evaluate in topic in 5 stars.

Are there deposit / survey rates when using Muchbetter in casinos?

  • The vast majority of legal online casinos in Australia accepts deposits and surveys via Muchbetter.
  • According to our analysis, we did not verify any deposit fees or survey for the main Australian casinos:

The absence of fees associated with the use of the card makes us evaluate this topic in its maximum rating, 5 stars.

How to deposit and raise your earnings using Muchbetter?

Follow the following steps to quickly make payments or receive money from Muchbetter:

  • Download the Muchbetter app on Google Play or App Store
  • Create your account
  • Add money to your account
  • Select the Deposit / Muchbetter Survey option in your preferred online casino

The ease of deposit and survey processes is second to none. For this reason, the 5-star evaluation is the most obvious.

Do you know that?

With the Muchbetter app, you can perform and receive immediate payments at Australian casinos. In a few minutes you will have access to your earnings.

Solutions for common problems using Muchbetter in Online Casinos

  1. I can not raise my earnings.

Before proceeding, verify that your card data is correct and if your account is checked and updated.

  1. I can not remove my Muchbetter card from my account.

In the App options, an option should appear to remove the card.

  1. I can not check my Muchbetter card.

Please check your KYC data again to ensure that they are correct and updated.

  1. I can not change the data from my card.

You can change your card at any time directly on the app.

Do you know that?

To help you at any time, does Muchbetter have a custom service 24/7? To do this, simply access the website and select the option.


Pros and Cons of Using a Muchbetter Card in Online Casinos

Accept by most casinosRequires some personal data (KYC)
High security and data protectionIs not much used
Payment rate
Own app
Team transparency

There are many advantages associated with using the Muchbetter app. We do not consider that lack of use, and need for personal data are problems, so we evaluate this topic in 5 stars.

Muchbetter vs other payment methods

Muchbetter payments are safer and fast as competition, allowing you to make bets and lift gains effectively and without delays. The rewards by using the app are also unique and enable fantastic prizes.

Immediate surveys
High security
Bonus of use

Do you know that?

Is Muchbetter a global company, being available in more than 180 countries and 17 languages? It is also an award-winning company, having already gained 9 industry premiums.



Muchbetter was one of the best payment methods already evaluated and tested by our team. Quick, safe and effective use This new and revolutionary company has a lot to offer any player who wants to deposit or raise money from online casinos in Australia.

It has the most innovative methods of maintaining the privacy and security of your players, such as the dynamic CVV. Our evaluation can not be nothing less than 5 stars.

Common questions

Yea! Incidentally, this is the main focus of the company, ensure the security of your money and personal data.
Not at all. The use of Muchbetter has no associated fee.
The vast majority of Australian legal online casinos accept this payment.
Not that we know. However, when using the APP you can enable multiple weekly prizes.