Can I bet on casinos with the revolution?

One of the most popular immediate transfer cards in Europe, now enter the agenda of your use in casinos

Well we know that the more payment method options a casino offers for its players, the more it increases the preference in the market.

More and more, new payment options arise, and banks, casinos and institutions are always seeking to adhere to the new methods. Since its launch in 2014, the revolution has won the reputation of being one of the best digital banking alternatives in the world.

Your success is due to the fact that the revolution is intended for customers seeking a level of comfort and simplicity that traditional banks do not always offer. In this article, we will understand more about how the revolution method works, and if they are also accepting in casinos ...

What is the revolution method?

Revolution is a prepaid debit card (which may contain the flags MasterCard or Visa) that supports currency exchange, cryptomoeda exchange and point-to-point payments.

Customers can make fast and secure transfers for bank accounts in different countries and use the actual exchange rate to save money. They can also buy and change Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptomoedas, receive or send money in one click (through the revolution application on the phone) and make several online shopping.

It is currently a method of money transfer accepted in more than 130 countries. The revolution method is widely used by those who travel a lot, since the application works with top up and then allows instant and free conversion of one currency to another, between up to 24 different coins, with the real rate of that moment, with no fees or extras.

If you usually bet on sports, play poker or any other casino game, you may have wondered when the revolution will become one of the possible methods of deposit and withdrawal ...

How to use or revolut

Currently, the Revolution application is available for download on Android and Apple (iOS) devices. Once you create your account and confirm your identity, customers can credit your credit or debit balance to make purchases or transfers (as well as other electronic portfolios). However, one of the best assets of the revolution is the revolution card-a card that accepts several currencies, accepted by all marketers who accept MasterCard or Visa. This card automatically converts the balance available in the local currency, making it ideal for trips, because anywhere in the world, there will be a deducable rate when removing from any distributor.

Casinos in Australia accept revolution?

A major obstacle to the revolution game at the moment is the fact that revolution does not support certain marketers in the betting and gambling industries. In fact, the Revolution's help section clearly states that they currently can not offer services to gambling companies. This means that it probably can not make paid revolution deposits in casinos.

However, when it comes to depositing with Revolution Visa or MasterCard, we assume that this will be really possible, but that the removals above a certain value will be subject to the verification of players' documents.

What are the future prospects for the use of the revolution in the casinos?

Despite his enormous success, especially in Europe, the revolution is still in his childhood. And as the online gaming industry is perhaps one of the stricter in terms of controls and security, it is understandable that the revolution is cautious and delaying a little before investing in the casinos sector and online bets.

It is important to keep in mind that games regulations are becoming stricter and online operators usually have their own anti-fraud services to prevent illegal games or money laundering.

But there is no doubt that the growing popularity of the revolution around the world is quickly leading a widespread use of the card and account in all establishments and methods of purchase and transfer.

In our part, we will certainly be attentive to the opportunity to play with the Revolution, so that we can be the first to inform our readers about casinos that are accepting this efficient payment option.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a softer and transparent way to deposit and take out money at the online casino, see our articles on the PayPal method, Bitcoin, and also the método Paysafecard, where we explain what online casinos are currently accepting these payment methods!