A Nightmare on Elm Street

Providers: 888 Holdings

Shadow tones and lots of blood ... A very dignified dark slot that is really for those who have stomach to deal with Freddy Krueger's terror.

3 Roller
0.1 minimum bet
30 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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A Nightmare on Elm Street

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A Nightmare on Elm Street análise

"One, two, Freddy comes to get you. Three, four, is best to lock the door. Five, six, grasp his crucifix. Seven, eight, stay up late. Nine, ten, do not sleep ever again. " Remember this?! Anyone who remembers the 1980 horror movies involving teenagers trying to escape from the warrings of the evil Freddy Krueger will know that Nightmare on Elm Street was to shiver! There was no escape from the steel claws and the threatening serial killer that he wan.

This horrifying film was the inspiration that the 888 Gaming Used for this Slot game with the same name. Released in 2012, it is now one of the two most popular slots at 888 casinos brand casinos. Let's know more about this slot nightmare with two progressive jackpots?

Characteristics of Nightmare on Elm Street ™

This terrifying slot is of classic format 3 lines x 5 rolls and has 30 fixed payment linesBut nothing more is classic here. Your features like Expanding Wilds, bonus rounds not to let you sleep and two progressive jackpots, are features to leave the hair players standing!

Freddy Krueger is all the time, everywhere, however, unlike the movies, it is usually very useful, since it is the Wild symbol and expanding wild of this slot.

Other symbols include bars of decks, Ace, K, Q, J and 10 of lower value, and movie characters Remake de 2010, like Quentin Smith, Jesse Braun, Nancy Holbrook and Kris Fowles.

Recursos e Free Spins de Nightmare on Elm Street™

Recurso Never Sleep Again: The Never Sleep Again feature is a bonus game activated while finding three of the bonus symbols anywhere in rolls 2, 3 or 4. This mini-game is all about staying awake to make money before falling into the nightmare with Freddy Krueger. Players have as a task to select an item that will keep them awake and prevent freddy from entering their dreams. Each item contains a value, and the amount of the bonus premium contemplated will be determined from that value.

Recurso Expanding wild: When the symbol of Freddy (SCatter and WILD symbol appears in roll 3, it expands and covers all positions in the roll, which automatically doubles the premiums received in the round.

Pick Me Game: When the Wild Symbol of the game appears at any time in any position in rolls 1 and 5, players have a chance to play the game pick me. Two symbols pick me will appear in the rollers. Players should click on one of the symbols to reveal the premium and thus increase their balance.

Free Spins Resource: This slot also has a good feature of free turns, which are granted from the SCatter symbols combinations:

  • 3 SCatter symbols to earn 10 free turns.
  • 4 SCatter symbols to earn 20 free turns.
  • 5 scatter symbols to earn 30 free spins.

And arrived the most interesting part of this slot: the jackpots!

Nightmare on Elm Street has two progressive jackpots! O Jackpot Freddy Krueger e o Jackpot Nightmare on Elm Street. Both are randomly accumulated premiums, which do not require specific combinations of symbols, and can reach the 10,000 coins! The two jackpots begin with the amount of 1,000 coins, and have a growth rate of 1% of the game bets and are reset with an initial value after being granted.

MIN / MAX, RTP and Volatility

The value of the minimum bet of this slot is 0,10€ and maximum 300€ By round in casinos, which provide this slot game. The volatility of Nightmare on Elm Street is considered high, which means that it may take the profits, but when they arrive, they are satisfactory. Return to the player ranges from 94.9-95.8% due to Jackpots.

Graphics and sounds of Nightmare on Elm Street ™

It is dark in nature; Blood everywhere. Saddy sounds ... If the goal of 888 gaming was to develop the most frightening slot as possible, they got it! It is a very well done game for those who love a more dark slot and a conventional nothingness.

Our conclusion

If it is not a passionate about the horror films, it is best not to risk luck and lose sleep with this slot. But if it's a good fan of movies and slots that recreated them ... go ahead! At 888 Gaming did a good job at Nightmare on Elm Street, we should assume. Many free turns, two jackpots, and even if it has a lot (very even) blood, it is not common to find so much originality As for the design and sound resources, as we find in this game!



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