Birds on a Wire

Providers: Thunderkick

Wherever it is in the world, bird vision to land and sit on telephone cables is a reality ...

3 Roller
0.1 minimum bet
17 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Birds on a Wire

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Birds on a Wire análise

Wherever you are in the world, bird's vision to land and sit on telephone cables is a daily reality. Now imagine that these poor birds pousadas on these cables are electrocuted ... It is happening in this Slot Birds on Wire game, created by Thunderkick. This slot attracts players due to their graphics and animated effects. Birds in this slot are very characteristic and funny. The background is a bright blue sky with some trees. So far, everything seems to be a fairy tale, but unfortunately the poor poultry are electrocuted. So if you are not prepared to see this happen, we advise you to look for a little less drastic game with a slightly sweetest theme, as these poor Birds will be the reason for your premiums at Birds on Wire. Check out our analysis by our Team From this slot game!

Características da slot Birds on a Wire

Birds on Wire is a format-based slot 3 lines x 5 rolls and 17 pay lines. In appearance, this is not a standard slot. Instead of rolls, properly said, there are three rows of beautiful and lively birds that sit quietly (for now) on high voltage cables. With each round, the birds change place, and if there are three or more of the same symbol, unfortunately, are electrocuted and explode, to leave feathers floating in the air and new birds arrive in advance to take their place, so that the Possibility to win increases. It's actually a Effect known for fall, where the rollers do not "rotate" as usually, but "fall from the sky" in the replacement by new symbols. +

The symbols found in Birds on the wire are actually several species of animated birds of different colors such as blue, orange, pink, green, brown, and one big black bird with yellowish balls as the symbol Wild, which can replace all other symbols except the bonus symbol, which is a bird inside a box, only with visible eyes.

Recursos da slot Birds on a Wire

The features of this slot game includes multipliers (high voltage multipliers), a bonus game, and a resource called Inwinity Spin.

During the normal base game, the player can get multipliers x1, x2, x3 and x5. The more often hit the winning combinations, worse will be for birds.

  • Free Spins: The free rounds can be conquered when three bonus symbols - which is also the scatter- bird symbol in the box appear anywhere in the rollers, thus contemplate the player with 10 free rounds. In these free rounds, the bird bonus is not only multiplied by x1, x2, x3 and x5, but x4, x8, x12 and x20! So, the more birds are electrocuted, larger will be the gains!
  • Multipliers: The multiplier level increases for each symbol that descends to the maximum multiplier level available. The maximum level of multipliers is 5 in the normal game and 20 in the bonus game.
  • Recurso Inwinity Spin: It is a feature that allows the player to turn until a victorious combination appears. This feature appears when all free turns are exhausted.

Minimum bet, maximum bet, RTP and volatility

Birds on Wire is a high volatility slot with possibility to earn up to 9,000x the bet value. The percentage of return of the player is 96% with a frequency of a fix of 26.1%. Already the allowed minimum bet values is € 0.10 and maximum is € 100 per round.

Birds On A Wire Birds Graphics and Effects

Despite this being a slot game that kills the poor electrocuted birds, it's a very excited and cheerful color and cheerful graphics. The sound effects could not be different: the noise that any bird in real life would do when being electrocuted -infortunately. Thunderkick's slot games are always well characteristic, and Birds on Wire just followed what software developer usually does: quality and colorful themed graphics. In addition to the effect that makes gameplay even better when cheerful birds are electrocuted, they get burned and fall.

Our Conclusion About Slot Birds On Wire

Thunderkick is always looking for higher positions in the preference ranking of slot players, and only reinforced by launching Birds on Wire in 2014. The game may take to pay, because of its high volatility, but it may be that It is worth the attempt, since the theoretical RTP is considered relatively valid. For those who would like to try a more excited game, with colors and quality effects, it's worth the chance to play Birds on Wire!



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