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Conan just has just been released -In last week of September- and as a good netent production, already ...

4 Roller
0.2 minimum bet
24 Payment lines
6 Rollers


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Conan analysis

Conan just has just been released -In last week of September- and as a good production NetEnt, was already expected to go to the trendings! Conan is a Slot game with Win Both Ways feature and with theme based in Conan The Barbarian, a fictitious hero of sword and witchcraft created by writer Robert E. Howard in 1932, but which is best known for the 1982 adventure and fantasy film Starry by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Read our to find out what the features of this slot game are, and what's the best online casino to play it!

Characteristics of the Slot Conan

With a different format of video slot games we are accustomed to see, Conan has 4 lines x 6 rolls and 24 payment lines to accept combinations from both left to right and reverse (recurso Win Both Ways).

Learn more about how payment lines work in slot games!

Conan symbols include snake coins, lion and hawk, as well as hooks, swords, helmets and famous characters inspired by the initial work Conan The Barbarian. The most rewarding is obviously Conan with 3, 4, 5 or 6 in a payment line, paying x0.75, x2, x5 or x6 the amount bet, with a premium 1,200 € with 6 combined symbols.

Slot features Conan

The most interesting moment of any slot has arrived: The resources! In this launch of Netent, the list is extensive ... To begin with, the Slot Conan game is divided by three different sections 2 × 4 (2 for each roll) - each section is connected to a resource, which we will see below:

  • Recurso Tower Wild: This feature is which contemplates the first section of the game, so can only appear in the number 1 or 2. This feature will cause the WILD symbol (from bright eyes to the letter W) expand completes or partially expands of the rollers (1 or 2) that appears. The Tower Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol.
  • Recurso Mystery Symbols: This feature is part of the second section of the game (rolls 3 and 4). The mysterious symbol is a snake with bright eyes; And it can be a simple or stacked symbol on this feature. When the snake appears in the number 3 or 4 rolls, it will become a random symbol bar like Tower Wild or Battle Wild to increase victory!
  • Recursos Mystery Multiplier e Thoth Amon: The Mystery Multiplier feature is activated when a mysterious symbol (from the bright-eye (from the bright-eye) symbol expands to one of the rollers 3 or 4. The multiplier resource can be between X3 to X7. In case of the mysterious symbol appears along with a Tower Wild or Battle Wild symbol, it will activate the Thoth Amon feature, which will add between 3 to 6 randomly mysterious symbols on the screen, potentially increase the chances of an excellent prize!
  • Recurso Battle Wilds: Finally, we have the Battle Wilds feature, which covers the third section (rolls 5 and 6). Battle Wilds appear on both rollers and expand up to 3 symbol positions sideways for an adjacent roll. These Battle Wilds replace all symbols except Scatter symbols.
  • Recurso Linked Reels: As the name already says, this feature means linked rollers, where the roller pairs of each of the three 2 × 4 sections have a chance to be linked to the other roll in the same section to display the same symbols. This basically increases the chances of getting larger wins or activating some of the features described above.

Free Spins from Slot Conan

The highlight of Slot Conan are the three free round features, which can be unlocked while getting 3 or more scatter symbols (from the battle shield) anywhere in the rollers.

  • When combining 3 SCatter symbols, unlock 10 free turns;
  • When combining 4 SCatter symbols, unlock 15 free turns;
  • When combining 5 SCatter symbols, unlock 25 free turns;
  • When combining 6 SCatter symbols, unlock 50 free turns.

Conan's resources do not end here! When you can combine sufficient scatter symbols, you can choose from three different free turns: City of Thieves Free Spins, Temple of the Serpent Free Spins ou Walls of Tarantia Free Spins.

  1. Giros grátis City of Thieves: The Tower Wild symbol may appear on all rollers and expand up or down to cover the partial or fully rolls.
  2. Free Spins Temple of the Serpent: Mysterious stacked snake symbols may appear on all rollers during these free rounds. The combination of one or more symbols of the fully stacked snake will trigger the Mystery Multiplier feature, where a multiplier between 3x and 7x is applied. The combination of 5 to 9 mysterious symbols will activate the Thoth Amon feature, where they are randomly added between 3 and 6 mysterious symbols on the screen.
  3. Free Spins Walls of Tarantia: Throughout these free turns, Battle Wilds symbols may appear on any roller and expand up to 3 positions laterally.

WOW! It seems a lot of information at first, but the game is less complicated than it looks! In thesis, the free tours Temple of the Serpent may be the most advantageous, since multipliers can increase up to x7 the amount bet, from a free spin!

Minimum / maximum bet, RTP, Volatility and Maximum Premium of the Conan slot

The player who is willing to unveil this battle slot may bet between € 0.20 to 200 € per round. The theoretical RTP of Conan is 96,01% And volatility is considered as mean for high, which can ensure a good frequency of payments. The symbol of the Conan warrior pays up to 288x and when applied to the highest multiplier x7, You can pay an amount of 2,016x in one round !!!

Graphics and sound effects of the Conan slot

Both graphics and sound effects of Slot Conan were very well applied and talk well with the theme. Players who are already accustomed to the Netent Games interface, will soon realize some recent changes in the source, data layout, payment lines and can also find commands more easily. Each combination of paying symbols can watch a different and new effect on the screen. Concern about the details of resources and symbols is also exceptional and noticeable. A great production, no doubt!

Our Conclusion on Slot Conan

This title was one of the most awaited in the second half of the year, and we must say that it did not disappoint! Good graphics, various features and effects: all very well thought by netent to let movie fans even more excited! There is a good chance to get a good prize! Enjoy the Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins Opportunities In one of our recommended casinos along this page, and good luck!



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