Hugo 2

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Play N'go did again! Today, we present the revision of the second part of the slot game with our troll ...

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Hugo 2

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Hugo 2 analysis

Play N'go did again! Today, we present the revision of the second part of the Slot game with our favorite troll: Hugo. The game Hugo 2 transports us to a wonderful world, where the characters of the nostalgic cartoon series pass again through the most dangerous and fun adventures to make you incredible premiums!

In Hugo 2, we continued an adventure in a gold mine in search of the treasure lost in the cursed caves. To achieve your goal, the player will have to fight against the malignant witch. The surprises of this slot await you while unblocking the free rounds, Wilds symbols appear on the screen and multipliers increase their earnings more and more! Check out our complete analysis of Hugo 2 to know in detail the symbols, free rounds and all the secrets hidden in this highly volatile slot game!

Features of Slot Hugo 2

This game, like the first part, offers a grid of 3 lines x 5 rolls and 10 fixed lines.

The symbols that will win the best prizes are: diamonds, gold coins bags, gold bars, skull key, mine stone transportation, Hugo's hat, lever to change the direction of railroad and whistle From the train.

In addition to these symbols, we have the Wild symbol that is Hugo's face (as in version 1); The scatter symbol is the beaver of the Hugo forest; The bonus is the witch of the game. There is yet another Wild symbol that will replace all other symbols except the bonus and scatter symbols.

Hugo 2 Slot Resources

The bonus game will take you in the car from the mine to a hidden and sinister cave in the heart of the mountain. There, the game Pick and Win will be activated, as long as they can at least three symbols of the Afskylia witch (SCatter symbol).

  • With 3 AFSLKYLIA symbols, start your bonus game and you will have an extra life.
  • With 4 symbols Afslkylia in the game bonus, you will win 2 additional lives to continue playing and accumulating prizes.
  • With 5 SCATTER AFSLKYLIA symbols, 3 additional lives for the player are granted.

As we see in the photo, Hugo is on the edge of the sinister cave and will have to choose between the different stones to jump and not fall!

If the player can reach the end and not lose the balance in any of the five stones, he will see how he gets a treasure chest that will provide a multiplier for his bonus rounds. But wait! There are still even more surprises .. Under every stone that the player can pass, you will find an extra prize that will bring you even more profit !!!

Free Rounds on Slot Hugo 2

If you like a free rounds, the beaver symbol will be your ally. With it, Troll Race's free spin functions will be activated, for this, the player will only need the symbols of the beavers appear on their rolls 1, 3 and 5.

This feature starts with 10 free rounds, with the possibility of unlocking more 5 free additional rounds. This function can be activated twice with the same gain (10 extra rounds), but if you can activate it for the third time, it will unlock the function Skull Cavern Bonus, Which is like a special trampoline that will do before that expected in the treasure.

During this free rotated function of the game Hugo 2, the player can collect two bags of money every spin. After collecting 4 or more of these, 4 Wilds will be added to your game rollers to replace the 4 normal symbols. In addition, up to 2 multiplier coins during this round of free spins and, when you can accumulate 4, you will receive an X2 that will multiply any symbol on the screen.

Bonus in the game Hugo 2

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Minimum / maximum bet, RTP, volatility and maximum slot premium Hugo 2

Let's start with bets; The minimum is € 0.10 and the maximum is 100 € allowed by round. The ten payment lines are fixed and the return to the player, RTP, is 96.53%. As for Jackpot, the player can earn 5,000 times the amount bet, if he can reach the end of the cave and discover all the treasure chests. Therefore, if you create a number, 100 x 5.000, It will have the possible total profit: € 500,000 -What we should agree not to harm anyone!

Exit graphics and sounds of Slot Hugo 2

Hugo 2 repeats successfully the same thing that made to get so many players with the first version of the slot game. Play N'go keeps the same graphic, medium-high level, which gave so many joys with the first version of the game!

The best on the graphic level are certainly the animations and movements of Hugo when he is in the mysteries of mines in caves in search of bonuses and special multipliers. The Hugo 2 soundtrack is excited and is only interrupted by the whistles of the train bell and a sound of coins to scroll towards your earnings !!!

Our Conclusion About Hugo 2 Slot

If you have already experienced the first version of the game, Hugo, and liked it; Hugo 2 will make you like to play with this excited character! What should keep in mind is that the round bonus can take a little longer to get from what we all would like. Obviously, as soon as you start the bonus rounds, you will realize that it was worth waiting!

It is best to try the experience in any one of our online casinos, With all safety and fun guaranteed!



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