Jack and the Beanstalk

Providers: NetEnt

Launched in 2011, Slot Jack and the Beanstalk quickly arrived at Trendings and remains one of the best games ...

3 Roller
0.2 minimum bet
20 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and the Beanstalk análise

Launched in 2011, Slot Jack and The Beanstalk quickly arrived at Trendings and remains one of the best games of the NetEnt of all time. This slot is, of course, based on the classic British fairy tale, where it portrays a poor boy who buys some beans and the plant, giving rise to a huge plant that directs him to the sky, an abode of a giant of two heads (the which we can also find as a symbol on this slot).

During this analysis of slot, by our team Okinawa-net.info, we will see which resources can be found and Free Spins em Jack and the Beanstalk.

Características da slot Jack and the Beanstalk™

In the form of 3 lines × 5 rolls and 20 pay lines, Slot Jack and the Beanstalk is full of family symbols that will immediately refer to the famous history of child short stories. In addition to the typical symbols of letters that look like green bean pods, the player may find find some waterers, axes, a lean cow that looks like a goat, the symbol of the giant villain of two heads and his wife and the boy himself Jack, is clear.

The Wild Symbol of the game is the slot logo, with the name Jack and the Beanstalk; Already the SCatter symbol is a treasure chest, with purple coins inside.

Free Jack and The Beanstalk ™ Features and Spins

Walking wild: The game has a unique netent feature called Walking Wild. Basically, when the Wild symbol appears, it jumps to the left side of the reels, giving it a new turn. If the player is lucky and the WILD symbol starts in the far right, you will receive a total of 5 new rounds. When repetitions end, Wild symbols jump or leave the rollers, hence the name of the resource. As always, the wild feature also replaces any other symbols besides the scatter, represented by the treasure chest. All the victories you can get with the Wild symbol will be tripled!

Free Spins: To trigger the turn of free spins, the player will have to land at least 3 of the scatters symbols of treasure chest. This will give 10 free rounds in total and will take the player to the cloudy sky, where the boy Jack will jump of joy every time he earns some prize. If you receive more 3 symbols of the treasure chest while the free rounds are occurring, 5 free rounds will be added to the game.

Recurso Treasure Collection: During the free spins bonus game, the player will also experience a treasure collection feature. You should be aware of the huge symbol of the golden key as it will unlock some extra bonuses during the game!

  • By collecting 3 gold keys, the player unlocks money bags, where the Wilds symbols will turn into Stacked Wilds.
  • When getting 6 gold keys, the wild symbols will turn into a complete stack of three golden chickens.
  • 9 golden keys in the rollers will unlock the golden harp in expanding, and all the coils will turn into Wilds.

Minimum Bet / Maximum Bet, RTP, Volatility and Jackpot

In Jack and the Beanstalk, the player can bet on 0,20€ at least or at least 100€ By round. The return to the player of this non-progressive jackpot slot is 96,3%, a good percentage, and the gains, on average, come every three turns. Slot volatility is considered high, which can yield good and high prizes.

Jack and The Beanstalk ™ Graphics and Sounds

This 3D slot has already shown since your introduction the good features you can find. Excellent graphics show the elements very close to the original fairy tale and have a classic cartoon look. The graphics and animations are high level, and it is difficult to find another slot that has a lot to offer in terms of visual entertainment, like Jack and the Beanstalk offers.

The soundtrack is also fantastic, and changes depending on what is happening in the game - from quiet farm sounds in the main game to the most dramatic soundtrack when Jack rises in the sky for the round of free spins or is chased by the two-head giant .

Our conclusion

Cheerful, fanciful and high astral slot game - definitely there is enough positivity in the game of what I could need. But it can certainly cheer you up after a long and difficult day. Jack is a friendly boy and gives life to the game like no one else. The treasure chest and the free rounds are quite useful in terms of increasing the potential of gain, so even if the game looks a bit childish, the size of the possible gains can please any adult Slot Machines player.



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