Megaways Slots

Top 10 Best Megaways Slots in Australia!

Why are megaways slots so special? What differ at the time of winning in the casino bonuses? Understand how to win more when playing megaways slots in Australian casinos!

3 Roller
0.25 minimum bet
25 Payment lines
5 Rollers


Gain chance



10 best megaways slots in Australia

  • Diamond Mine Megaways
  • Extra Chilli Megaways
  • Eye of Horus Megaways
  • Monopoly Megaways
  • Ted Megaways
  • Gorilla Gold Megaways
  • Odin Infinity Reels Megaways
  • Vikings Unleashed Megaways
  • Rick & Morty Megaways
  • Buffalo Rising Megaways

What are megaways slots?

Megaways slots are a new type of slots developed by Big Time Gaming, one of the largest vendors of online slots. These slots are known to have immense action and various turnarounds, enhancing large gains.

They are highly innovative as they alter the traditional slots format. They are played in a 6-line field and 6 columns with an additional line at the top.

Each round, receives 2 to 7 symbols by columns, allowing the results to be always different and dynamic. They have more than 100,000 possible combinations!

The Big Time operated, creator of Megaways Slots, easily explains in which they consist of their slots and how these are advantageous in the face of traditional games.

A História das Slots Megaways

The megaways slots were invented in 2011 by Big Time Gaming, a large online game of Australian roots online and launched by 3 entrepreneurs with a great knowledge of the sector.

The large boom took place in 2015, with the launch of Dragon Born slot, thus boosting the exponential growth of Big Time Gaming. In just a few years, he became a leader in the Slots market, holding partnerships with Blueprint and Netent, who have already launched their own Megaways games.

They have highly recognized and innovative titles at the level of design and experience offered, available in more than 20 languages.

New games Megaways slots

Megaways slots are high, leading to constant launches of new games by the largest operators in the market.

Below, we will introduce and give a brief description of all Megaways Slots games released and scheduled for 2022:

Shamrock Holmes Megaways – Microgaming (RTP: 96,44%)

The first microgaming megaways game, which revolves around the luck of the Irish. It is a high volatility slot that has 3 bonus games that offer possibility of huge gains, up to 28,000x your bet!

Fruit Shop Megaways – NetEnt (RTP: 96,06%)

A NETENT classic, now in the megaways version! Composed of 2D graphics to remember the freshness of fruits, it is a highly well-designed and high volatility game. It is a jackpot game, but with several bonuses that allow you to consider your winnings considerably.

Madame Destiny Megaways – Pragmatic Play (RTP: 96,56%)

Inspired by the issue of divination, this is an incredible game with more than 200,000 Megaways combinations! It has free rounds all rounds and victories are combined with multipliers obtained by a random number generator. It has a maximum multiplier of 5000x and is a high volatility slot.

Forgotten Island Megaways – Microgaming (RTP: 96,25%)

The second microgaming megaways launch, following a theme related to the jungle and the imposing gorillas. It is an incredibly well done game and with a flashy design. It has high volatility, attractive bonuses and a maximum multiplier of 7000x.

Leprechaun’s Magic Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: 96,09%)

This game is made available by Red Tiger, one of the largest operators with Megaways games. Follow a theme inspired by the luck of the Irish and the Gnomes, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere. It is a high volatility slot with about 15,000 winning combinations and a maximum multiplier of approximately 20000x.

Neptune’s Fortune Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: 96,03%)

Meet Nearby Neptune, the God of the Oceans, in this fantastic isofbet slot, now in the megaways version. High volatility, is a slot with several additional bonuses and with a maximum multiplier of about 9000x.

Moriarty Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: 96%)

Still by launching, it will undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding Megaways games! With the Moriarty theme, Sherlock Holmes's archi-enemy, is a captivating game connected to the world of crime. It is high volatility and has a maximum multiplier of 37500x!

Royale With Cheese Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: Por anunciar)

Forecast to be released on March 30, this is an expected game of the famous isofbet. Become a chef and build your own hamburger using megaways features, which offer incredible bonuses. High volatility, has a maximum multiplier of 50000x!

Super Dice Megaways – StakeLogic (RTP: 96,06%)

This game, takes advantage of the classic and retro environment of casinos and data games, inspiring in red and gold colors. All symbols are given, which is appealing to fans of this gambling. It has high volatility and a maximum multiplier of 5000x.

Thai Flower Megaways – Blueprint (RTP: 96,21%)

Based on the magnificent Thai lands and in its natural flora, this is a game that ensures pleasing any bettors that if you pray. Again, it is a slot with attractive bonuses and free rounds, high volatility.

Reel King Megaways – Inspired Gaming (RTP: 96,56%)

With one of the highest return rates on the market, this is the third Megaways slot to incorporate the famous fictitious gnome Reel King. It follows the typical theme of luck and Ireland and promises to reward any player. It has high volatility and a maximum gain of £ 250,000 (€ 292.173.95).

The Ruby Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: 96,11%)

Still by launching, The Ruby is one of the most promising megaways slots. It is a slot that is based on the luxury and ostentation of the precious stones, namely Rubis. High volatility, allows multipliers up to 35000x.

Aztec Gold Megaways – iSoftBet (RTP: 95,99%)

In the dense tropical forests and fluvial meanders, the fierce Aztec people lived in tranquility. By invoking the typical animals of this people, snakes, eagles and jaguars, this is a slot that transmits a warm and inviting environment. It has a high volatility and enables multipliers to 19200x.

Top 10 Melhores Megaways Slots in Australia

All megaways slots are of extreme quality, and are designed to think about the experience that grant the user, prioritizing the design, the environment and the graphical interface.

Currently, Megaways Slots begin to dominate the online casino games market, completely shaking classic slots and introducing new features and bonuses.

Thus, we meet the ones we consider to be the 10 best megaways market slots, presenting data such as volatility rates, minimum and maximum betting, the return rate to the player, ways to win and the maximum prize as well as a brief description of the theme.

1. Bonanza Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Volatility: averageWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 20 (€ 23,36)RTP: 96%
Maximum bet: £ 500 (€ 583.97)Maximum Payment: 10.000x

The slot that put the megaways slots on the map! It follows a theme around the ores, having stunning 3D graphics. The main bonus game offers free rounds that, in conjunction with the waterfalls, allow you to have gains stupendants.

2. White Rabbit Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Volatility: averageWinning Combinations: 248.832
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 97,72%
Maximum bet: £ 50 (€ 58.4)Maximum Payment: 10.000x

The main character of this game is Alice's rabbit in Wonderland. It has one of the highest market return rates on the market, and a bonus game that is disputed in an additional set of columns, thus allowing variety of gameplay.

3. Divine Fortune Megaways (NetEnt)

Volatility: High Winning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.10 (€ 0.12)RTP: 96,09%
Maximum bet: £ 100 (€ 116.79)Maximum Payment: 38.000x

Following the typical Greek theme of the famous Netent Slot, Divine Fortune, this new version was remodeled with Megaways mechanics. It offers WILD features, free rounds and bonus symbols that guarantee to increase your earnings.

4. Great Rhino Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

Volatility: high or adjustableWinning Combinations: 200.074
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,50%
Maximum bet: £ 100 (€ 116.79)Maximum payment: 20.000x

Again, a new version of an already known slot. The central theme are the African plains and their animals, the rhinoceros being the main figure. It has adjustable volatility and free rounds that allow the player to choose the most advantageous option for themselves.

5. The Dog House Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

Volatility: HighWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,55%
Maximum bet: £ 100 (€ 116.79)Maximum payment: 12.305x

Once again, a relaunch of an existing slot, following a theme related to dogs and incorporating them as game symbols. In addition to the typical bonuses of megaways, it also has Bonus and Wild rain purchase.

6. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Volatility: Very highWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,27%
Maximum bet: £ 100 (€ 116.79)Maximum Payment: 50,000x

Lights, Camera, Action! Enter the famous game and enable yourself to be a millionaire. Your high volatility allows you to be a very rewarding slot. In the bonus rounds, you can earn free rounds and use the options "Ask the audience" and "call a friend" as if it were even in the television version of the game.

7. Starz Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

Volatility: HighWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,48%
Maximum bet: £ 100 (€ 116.79)Maximum Payment: 10.000x

This time, instead of the slot being just remodeled for the megaways version, Pragmatic Play was careful to launch an entirely new slot. It is a slot with a space theme around the solar system and has only one free round bonus and expandable Wilds.

8. Extra Chilli (Big Time Gaming)

Volatility: HighWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,19%
Maximum bet: £ 50 (€ 58.4)Maximum payment: 20.000x

One of the most popular Big Time Gaming games. Based on the heat of the pepper and open markets, is a highly balanced and flashy design slot. Ronda bonus triggers with the Scatter bonus. Free rounds are offered.

9. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways (NetEnt)

Volatility: averageWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.10 (€ 0.12)RTP: 96,00%
Maximum bet: £ 40 (€ 46,68)Maximum payment: 20.000x

This slot results from a collaboration between Netent and Red Tiger, thus obtaining the best of two worlds. Following the Maia culture, it is a slot that will guaranteed bring you enormous pleasure. It has immense bonus in the form of avalanches, earthquakes, unbreakable wilds and free rounds.

10. Vikings Unleashed Megaways (Blueprint Gaming)

Volatility: HighWinning Combinations: 117.649
Minimum bet: £ 0.20 (€ 0.23)RTP: 96,50%
Maximum bet: £ 10 (€ 11,67 €)Maximum Payment: 10.000x

With one of the best soundtracks, this slot undoubtedly invokes the warrior and maritime spirit of Viking culture. It has features of betting everything or nothing and still the games of Thor's hammer and the Battle of the sea.

Attending to the tables above, we verified that the best megaways games have a volatility of going from average to very high and very good RTP percentages compared to other slots. Maximum payment is also very high, as well as the winning combinations.

What is the megaways mechanism?

The megaways mechanism is an innovative patented mathematical model applied to the typical slots. Instead of being used the typical fixed payment lines, in the Megaways model these are dynamic and are changed to each round, so that your game is never equal.

Megaways slots are typical on a 6 × 6 grid, with an additional line at the top, from where the additional symbols are added to the gambling grid. In this way, it is possible to play up to 117,649 pay lines!

With each move, 2 to 7 game symbols will fall on the game grill, thus allowing, greatly increase the possibilities of winning.

The megaways mechanism is undoubtedly one of the most modern and innovative online game mechanisms we have already seen, and stands out clearly on the market.

How can I win the Megaways Slots?

The strategy for considerable gains in Megaways slots is the same as the usual slots, insofar as it is a purely random game. However, you can increase your probabilities if you take into account the percentage of return to the player and the number of payment lines.

In the case of Megaways slots, to calculate the number of combinations, you must multiply the number of variable symbols in each column.

Megaways Functionalities

Unlike the usual slots, Megaways slots have several built-in features that make the game much more interesting and that it allows you to get considerably larger than conventional slots.

Infinite multipliers

When you get a free round on Megaways slots, it will start with a 1x multiplier. However, if you hit in some combination, this multiplier will increase in 1 units, for 2x, and so on.

Cascade Columns

This is one of the most important advantages of Megaways slots. If the functionality is active during the free rounds, whenever you hit a winning combination, this will explode. What this means is that more symbols fall in the spaces left blank and a new victory will be recalculated, no maximum limit.

This functionality, coupled with infinite multipliers, allows their gains to be astronomical!

Mystery Symbols

This feature is not available on all Megaways slots but only in some selected, especially those of the Blueprint operator. In this bonus, 3 to 15 unknown symbols will fall into your game grill and after some time turn themselves all on the same symbol, creating opportunities for forming high-winning combinations.

The bonuses and functionalities of Megaways slots are second to none and crush the competition. They are progressive bonuses and they allow you to get high gains.

Slots Megaways vs Fixed Payment Line Slots

A traditional payment line is an imaginary line where game symbols can fall, thus allowing to calculate the value of your victory. They can be from left to right, or vice versa, diagonally or alternating.

Players can usually choose on how many lines they want to play and change that choice as needed. However, the maximum number of lines is always low and does not change.

In the opposite situation, Megaways slots have variable and dynamic payment lines. Once the number of symbols falling on the game grill (6 × 6) is always different, this causes the number of payment lines to reach astronomical values, typically 117.649 (or even more). For this reason, the choice is obvious, since it will have more opportunities to make combinations and earn enormous prizes.

Megaways slots are clearly our choice in what is in the way as viewing what a payment line is, making them dynamics and fun.

Megaways slots are a revolution in the Slots market by introducing new game mechanisms and that they are certainly to change how betters play and bring many more players to the best online casinos.

Increasingly launched new and fun games megaways, which will guarantee hours of fun to all players.