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This Rock'n Roll Slot, as the name itself already says, is inspired by the English band of Heavy Metal, Motorhead. IT'S…

5 Roller
0.2 minimum bet
76 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Motörhead anale

This Rock'n Roll Slot, as the name itself already says, is inspired by the English band of Heavy Metal, Motorhead. It is the last release among trilogy NetEnt Rocks, which are part of the slots Jimi Hendrix e Guns N’Roses also. Both three musical slots occupy relevant positions according to Australian casinos online players.

This slot, however, has some peculiarities that makes it even more interesting for the good lover of a heavy metal and casino game enthusiast!

When launched, in 2016, Motorhead was considered one of the most expected and best-produced slots of the year. Over the years, this slot becomes even more popular, distributing good prizes in well-known casinos and good musical taste.

See our analysis with all the relevant details of this Slot game, after our team Spend good times when testing motorhead gameplay to do it.

Features of Slot Motorhead ™

With a non-common format, with 5 lines, 76 payment lines and an arrangement of 3-3-4-4-5 in the reels, this slot has impressive graphics! The symbols of this game include the images of Lemmy vocalist, deceased in 2015 as well as some typical symbols of slot games such as stars, bells, four leaf clovers, and horseshoes. They are all made in a typical rock band style with soft and dark tones suitable for this theme.

The Wild symbol of the game is the logo of the ace of spades. One of the most famous albums in the band is called 'Ace of Spades', which was released in 1980 with letters that any player can easily relate to: "If you like to bet, I tell you I'm your man, you get some, lose some.".. (at least characteristic, no?!)

Free Motorhead ™ Features and Spins

The SCatter symbol of this slot is the Logo 'War Pig' from the band Motorhead, a golden pig, and when combining at least one scatter symbol in any of the last three rolls, the player unlocks 10 totally free.

One of the three bonus resources of this slot is the resource Mystery Reel. During each round of the game, one or more rollers will turn into Mystery Reels, which include Mystery Stacked Symbols. When the reels stop spinning, the mysterious symbols will reveal randomly transforming into stacked symbols, which can yield the player some very interesting gains!

Another special feature is the Bomber, which is randomly triggered. Before each turn, the bomber can begin- the player will see some pumps appearing on the rollers, each creating at least 10 mystery overlapping symbols. The maximum number of pumps is 5 with the 15 Mystery symbols. The mysterious symbols are discovered after the rollers stop spinning in a similar way to the Mystery Reel resource.

Min / Mobile Bets, Jackpot and Volatility of Motorhead ™

Minimum bet is just € 0.20 and maximum bet of motorhead is up to € 20 per round. With three different turns of free spins, expanding wilds and scatters symbols, Motorhead has an excellent RTP of 96.98% and average volatility, which results in a good combination that can fill your pocket while enjoying a great music!

Graphics and Sounds of Slot Motorhead ™

It is difficult to find a musical theme slot that is not good and not because there is much to use in relation to the soundtrack, images and special effects. This is especially true when it comes to a legendary band like Motorhead, 40 years old in the music industry, 30 million albums and millions of fans around the world.

The Motorhead slot has an introduction to the band's original show, and the game itself is mounted on stage with amplifiers and speakers around the reels.

Any fan can also enjoy legendary songs as Killed by Death, Killed by Death, Ace of Spades, Iron Fist e Overkill. The detail that tells points in your gameplay, is that the player can turn on and off the rock mode, depending on how much he is enjoying the heavy metal of motorhead. So even if you are not a fan of a card, you can still take advantage of this space without much distraction, and focus on the coins you win.

The game reels are arranged on a rock stage, the victory sequences are punctuated by flashing lights and there is a generous amount of sound effects and tailored animations for each different direction that the game wins.

Our conclusion

For a good Heavy Metal lover, Netent hit full! For other fans of good slots with frequent payments, too! As much as it does not have so many resources, let's say it's enough to ensure good gameplay. It is not in vain that it is one of the slots to be in the trends of online casinos, especially in Australia for so long!



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