Ozzy Osbourne

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Everyone has heard of Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness (prince of darkness, free translation) that led ...

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20 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy Osbourne analysis

Everyone has heard of Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness (Prince of Darkness, free translation) that took his success for four decades and never decreased speed for a second. Dubby Heavy Metal father, Ozzy has been involved in the casinos industry several years after becoming the metal face in the world. Therefore, it is to be expected that it will end up having a space of its own. And who is better than netent to complete the party? With three branded rock titles already released: Guns’N Roses, Motorhead e Jimi Hendrix, Netent has just added another to its extensive repertoire. This is one of the most expected games released this year 2019 ... now is the time to see what the Prince of Darkness is to promise us in this analysis of the game ...

Characteristics of Slot Ozzy Osbourne

The game comes with the timeless grid configuration 3 lines x 5 rolls and 20 pay lines, with the rolls inhabited by 4 symbols portrayed by Ozzy Osbourne itself in different colors and faces. The most rewarding of them is the symbol of Ozzy, which reaches 50 times the amount bet, when combined in a payment line.

Ozzy is surrounded by skulls, covids, black roses and crucifixes along with symbols of the four decks of the deck, of lesser value. The wild symbol is represented by a malved bat and, as usual in most slots, replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol.

An easy feature to be annotated is the option Bonus Bet, On the right side of the screen. Choosing to activate this feature allows the player to rotate with additional benefits, even if it costs you double. Some benefits that can be enjoyed when playing with Bonus Bet button include extra free spin when the free spins feature enters game, values increased multipliers of x2, x3, x5 or x7 During the free spins feature, increase the frequency of settlement and extra bonuses.

General Slot Ozzy Osbourne Resources

We can not expect a game about Ozzy Osbourne to be simple, can we? This slot game is full of resources and definitely there is nothing simple in it.

The Scatter symbol is the key to everything in the game! It may appear in rollers 1, 3 and 5, and when the player can combine 2 or more, two features will be activated: The free turns feature and the Charge-Up feature.

  • Recurso Charge-Up: At the top of the screen there are two boxes, one on the left and one on the right. The right box is the Feature Spinner and sets the bonus feature that will be applied to a specific symbol in the rollers that is chosen in the left box, known as Symbol Spinner. If the Scatter symbol appears on the rotary symbol button, the rotary feature button displays a bat head and this will activate the free spins feature on the Ozzy Osbourne slot;
  • Free Spins Resource: There are two ways to activate the Free Round Resource; The traditional way to combine 3 or more SCatter symbols or get a Scatter symbol during the Spinner feature. Players can achieve a maximum of 4 free rounds, with an additional spin if the Bonus BET option is enabled.

Recurso Spinner da slot Ozzy Osbourne

The interesting features of Feature Spinner include:

  • Recurso Coin Win - for each symbol chosen on the rotating knob, Ozzy will grant a victory equivalent to a victory of 3 combined symbols;
  • Upgrade – Every chosen symbol that appears on the roller is updated to the next higher payment symbol;
  • Multipliers - All winning combinations of the Symbol swivel option will receive an additional X2, X3, X5 or X7 multiplier if you are playing with Bonus Bet option;
  • Wild – All selected symbol on the swivel button will be changed to a Wild symbol.

Bonus to play the Ozzy Osbourne slot

The Ozzy Osbourne game will certainly be a success, as well as Ozzy himself; Therefore, fans can be sure that Several casinos can include it in special promotions. Online casinos offer various welcome bonuses and recharge bonus that players can claim and use to play on the Ozzy Osbourne slot. Try the luck in one of our recommended casinos along this page, and guarantee the best casino bonus of the market!

Minimum / maximum bet, RTP, volatility and maximum victory in Ozzy Osbourne slot

Just like Ozzy Osbourne himself, we never know what to expect from this slot. With average volatility and an RTP that can range from 96.30 to 96.67%, this game has a frequency of 100.2% to 25.5%. Players can try the luck in this game with a minimum bet of 0,20 € and maximum of € 100 per round. The maximum victory that can be achieved is x2.500, which means that when betting the maximum allowed, one can win until 250,000 coins In a single spin!

Graphic and Sound Effects

Ozzy Osbourne fans will love the general theme of this slot as it keeps the style of Prince of Darkness himself. Designed in the comic style of the 1980s, all action happens inside a somber and sinister temple, flanked by two bats of the devil, where players have the opportunity to meet Ozzy himself in various acts. The most popular of these Acts portrays his most infamous feat of 1982 when he bit the head of a bat during a show. The design and animations of the slot are first class, giving life to Ozzy exceptionally.

A lot of reflection was given to the soundtrack of this slot game. After all, Ozzy Osbourne is more famous for your music, so it is to be expected that the space includes some successful songs to complete the overall experience of Ozzy Osbourne. While moving away, players enjoy soundtracks like Diary of Madman and Bark At The Moon, among some others who will come to complete the action that occurs in the rollers ...

Our opinion on the Ozzy Osbourne slot

As well as the three Rock'n Roll titles launched earlier -Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and Guns'n Roses- We have no doubt that Netent will emplate Ozzy Osbourne. The slot was released at the end of November this year, and is already one of the favorites of these weeks after release. The resources are interesting and different, and can afford a great amount, depending on the luck of anyone who will risk. Ozzy Osbourne is a unique figure, and your themed slot could not be different: eccentric like it. Worth the try!



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