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Energy Extraterrests Waiting for the reactor to be activated by a lucky player, this is the theme of playful game ...

7 Roller
0.2 minimum bet
20 Payment lines
7 Rollers


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Reacoonz analysis

Energetic extraterrests waiting for the reactor to be activated by a lucky player, this is the theme of playful game produced by the Play’n GO, or Reactonz.

This game has a second version. Find here complete analysis of Reatoonz 2!

In a parallel universe full of aliens with stellar premiums, this 7 × 7 grid game is different enough to convince you to test them in one of the various casinos online which have games play'n go.

Features of Slot RealOonz ™

O slot Reactoonz™ is played in a 7 × 7 degrees with a mechanism in waterfall, where winning combinations are destroyed and replaced by other symbols on top of them. 8 peculiar alien symbols fill the grid, with the highest payer being the pink alien, which pays 750x his bet on a group of 15.

To form a combination, the player needs at least 5 Alien symbols To form a connected cluster, which means that the symbols should occur vertically or horizontally close to each other.

This slot has 7 exciting bonus resources, Including the Gargantoon feature, which is expected to be a favorite among players.

Each group winner of combinations, release energy and feeds Gargantoon, a monster that will get energy until it is released on the grill and adds 3 × 3 Wild Symbols.

When fully loaded, Gargantoon grows and makes a Quantum Leap in the middle of the game grill, where it gets electrified and releases a chain reaction of up to five features with clusters raising your premium and making your coins fall into the account!

Quantum Features

The purpose of this slot is activate one of the quantum features, This results in symbols being transformed or destroyed in your favor. These features are:

The Implosement Resource - 3 to 6 Symbols become Wilds and the symbols adjacent to them are destroyed.

The incision feature - A wild in the center of the grid produces 2 diagonal lines crossed on the grill.

The Demolition Resource - Activate this feature will result in the destruction of all low-remuneration symbols.

The Change - 1 low remuneration symbol is chosen randomly and all occurrences of this symbol turn into another symbol.

Min / Max Bet, Jackpot, RTP and Volatility

With one Minimum bet of 0,20 € and maximum € 100 per round, This slot is a high volatility, where the frequency of hit is quite low, which means that if you want a great victory, you will certainly have to bet significant sums.

However, payments are fairly high, with maximum gains from 4.570x The value of your original bet! This slot has a RTP - Return to the player- relatively acceptable 96%.

Graphics and sounds

This is a subject that Refactoonz ™ probably stands out compared to other slots. Well thought out features, fun design and interstellar sounds like a typical game produced by the Play’N Go!

Explosion of alien resources with Quantum Leap and the sympathetic gargantoon that in addition to providing several Bonus And many coins, your graphic effects are of the best quality!

Free Spins na slot Reactoonz™

The Refactoonz slot has no Free Spins, but players are rewarded by means of a combination of quantum resources, Wilds and multipliers.

Our conclusion

This slot with a futuristic theme, bonus mix and however the victories are not so frequent, as is a high volatility slot, when the premiums are released, they surprise!

Test this fun slot produced by Play’n GO in one of the various casinos online in Australia!



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