Santa vs Rudolf

Providers: NetEnt

Santa vs rudolf is a friendly slot that made us well interested! Check out our complete analysis of this slot game and know where to play it!

3 Roller
0.2 minimum bet
20 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Santa vs Rudolf

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Santa vs rudolf analysis

The brand new Slot Christmas has just been released by Netent and we already hope to occupy the trendings in the most popular games of the month! Santa vs rudolf is a friendly slot that made us well interested!

Father Noel is preparing Christmas presents, to ensure that everyone will win, and Rudolf stole his hat. The story is now to know if Father Noel will be able to recover it in time, and deliver the gifts for everyone ... Learn more about this fun game, and know where to play it to get good prizes!

Characteristics of the Santa vs rudolf slot

This slot game offers lots of fun in your 3 lines, 5 rolls and 20 fixed payment lines. The game paid for both sides (recurso Win Both Ways) and features various WILDS WILDS, free spins and two special bonuses ...

Learn here what differences of the Wilds symbols in slot games!

The rollers are situated on Santa's porch, between rudolf daring and poor parent Noel, and present the set of cards from the deck A, J, Q, K and 10 in the form of candy canes. They are the smallest value symbols of this slot, with lists of desires, snowballs with miniature reindeers inside, naughty rudolf necklaces, gifts and Santa's sleigh as symbols of higher value. Santa's sleigh takes the highest payments of X25 the amount bet, for the lucky ones who can combine them at some of the game lines of the game.

The game has 2 different WILD symbols: parent Noel and Rudolf, of course. Rudolf always appears in one roller and moves a right-right position with each turn, while noel father can appear only in the fifth roll and moves a place to the left every turn until they get out of sight.

The Wild Santa and Rudolf symbols replace any symbol in the game, like any normal wildd.

Free Spins and Bonus Game on Santa Vs Rudolf Slot

When Father Noel and Rudolf combine in the same payment line, they activate the Free Spins Resort. The feature, once triggered, will begin with 10 free turns and, if triggered again, you can grant up to 30 free rounds. During this round bonus, the Wilds symbols are more frequent and, if parent Noel and Rudolf combine again on the same line, 4 additional free turns will be granted.

An interesting addition to the game is the Santa meter and the Rudolf meter at the top of the screen. These meters are filled with a space at a time, every time Para Noel or Rudolf appear during the free round feature. If the player can fill the meter before the feature terminates, it will activate Santa Claus or Rudolf bonus.

  • Bonus Santa Claus: The player can choose three gifts that can yield a cash prize, a noel father hat or a wins multiplier to add to the grieved premium;
  • Bonus Rudolf: The Rudolf bonus offers 3 free rounds with 5 Rudolf Wild symbols randomly added to each round.

The rudolf bonus is the only one that can lead to the jackpot premium, in case the player has bet the maximum value. The value of this jackpot can pay up to 100,000 €!

Bons on Santa and Rudolf Slot

With Christmas to get closer-and this game should reach popularity as soon as it is released. "Our readers can be sure that many casinos will include you at Christmas promotions. Therefore, check out our special offerings section for new Christmas deals. Meanwhile, several casinos are offering excellent welcome bonuses that consists of free rounds or money directly on the casino account, which can be used to try this slot! Try luck in one of our recommended casinos along this page!

Minimum / maximum betting, RTP, volatility and maximum premium of Santa vs Rudolf slot

Santa vs rudolf can be played by a minimum value of 0,20 €, to a maximum bet of € 100. This slot game is supplied with a RTP of 96.35% And it has an average volatility to high, ideal for players who are looking for a high premium, and with more bulky bets as well. When it comes to the maximum value, it is only 1,000x your bet. When multiplied by the maximum allowed bet, there is the jackpot of € 100,000 to be won by your players!

Exit graphics and sounds of Slot Santa vs Rudolf

One of the most striking features of Netent is graphic quality, and with Santa vs Rudolf, would not be different. The symbols are fun and the theme very well explored. NOEL Father is sometimes pictured in despair and sometimes angry, while the impertinent Rudolf is the malandro character always portrayed blatantly with his tongue to Santa Claus while wearing his hat. The animations when Santa and Rudolf shocked are made in great detail and seem comic, add even more fun to the game!

Our View About Slot Santa vs Rudolf

Santa vs rudolf is a fun game that has all the features to be a success in the market! Even if you think that the maximum payment is only 1,000x the bet, the resources promise to help you get good prizes! As we have already commented here, this is the best time to look for good online casino bonus, and when trying luck in Christmas slots, it is even more advantageous!



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