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Slot launched in 2012 by the software developer, Netent, Starburst ™ is a real visual and auditory cosmic experience that ...

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0.01 minimum bet
10 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Starburst Anale

Slot released in 2012 by software developer, NetEnt, Starburst ™ is a real cosmic visual and auditory experience that captivates slot game lovers! And ... we are talking about one of the most popular slots in online casinos from around the world!

Starburst ™ reminds us of nostalgic arcade games, where it was necessary to combine at least three equal symbols to advance at different levels. Here, the symbols are represented by different glittering gems, of various colors.

This is an extremely simplistic slot in the colorful and flashy, 80's album style with different gems and stars - which seems to be a good recipe for success, since these games tend to always be favorites among the players. Another reason why so many people love and become addicted in this slot game is the fact that many online casinos tend to distribute free spins for this game regularly.

Features of Starburst Slot

This slot released in 2012 is one of the most popular in the game market, we have no doubt! With an X2.500 jackpot, the slot contains the Win Both Ways, ReSpins, símbolos Stacked and the special resource Wild Starburst.

Starburst ™ is a slot composed of 5 rolls in 3 rows and with 10 paylines. The resource Win Both Ways It makes this slot might be more attractive even if a slot with 20 pay lines as you can win the prize with the combinations to get both from left to right, as from right to left.

Starburst ™ also has a special element, the Wild Starburst, which has the form of a colorful star and is expandable. This symbol means that when stopping the slot on rollers 2, 3 or 4, expands to fill all 3 column positions, thus remaining up to 3 additional rounds. Round these are free!

Min / Max Bet, Jackpot, RTP and Starburst Slot Volatility

This slot has as Minimum bet 10 cents (0.10 €) e Maximum of 100 euros. Has a low volatility, e RTP of 96.09%.

Although the premiums that can earn with Starburst ™ are not as high as those of other progressive slots, the best thing is to achieve them is simpler and more frequent, and can reach sums of up to € 50,000.

Graphics and Sounds of Starburst Slot

By the slogan of this slot "less is more", we can well understand your visual and sound part. This slot-looking slot has a brilliant color design, light bursts, blinking text, sounds with a spatial touch; But always preserving the simplicity in the details.

Vibrantly colored sparkling gems, diamonds and other bright stones in purple, blue and orange colors are the lowest paying icons and green and yellow jewels pay more. The whole game is mounted against a bright and cheerful purple background with spatial dance music theme, which is quite basic but very suitable for this type of game.

Free Spins na slot Starburst

You Free Spins This slot will lead you to the outside space where the most valuable stars of the galaxy are located. This free rounded propulsion in your maximum rotation is activated when one of the Wild symbols appears again on one of the rolls 2, 3 or 4.

What is really interesting is that if the symbol reappears during the extra spin rounds, you will have new free and cumulative rounds, with which your journey to space and the incredible profits will not stop!

Our conclusion

We can say that Starburst ™ is there are so many years at the top of the most played slot games, surely their simple and fun design and their prizes are a very convincing attraction that players take advantage!

This slot is indisputably a classic, and players love. Better than this, is that Starburst ™ game is also available on the Mobile platform for Android, iOS and tablets systems, to play when and wherever you want.

If you are still in doubt about the gameplay of this slot, check out one of our casinos online if this slot will make you fascinated, as you already left us!



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