Super Lucky Reels

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A progressive jackpot slot developed by isoftbet is making the joy of many players since 2014, it is the ...

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5 Payment lines
5 Rollers


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Super Lucky Reels

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Super Lucky Reels análise

A progressive jackpot slot developed by isoftbet has been making the joy of many players since 2014, is Super Lucky Reels. With a somewhat different design of the other slots, it reminds the most classic slots, even when observing the symbols, including bar symbols, some 7 and red as predominant color on the screen. An Asian touch can be easily noticed, even in one of the symbols. Super Lucky Reels has a progressive jackpot, which increases relying on the bet ... Well, how about checking our slot analysis, and knowing where to find Super Lucky Reels to try luck?! Check out this review for our PORTUGALCASINO team!

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Features of Super Lucky Reels slot

Super Lucky Reels may vary from 3 lines by 3 or 5 rolls, depending on the value bet (which we will speak later); and has 5 payment lines (which allow you to add more value throughout the game).

The symbols of this progressive slot include the very logo Super Lucky Reels-as a symbol with the most paid combination after a Chinese symbol in a silver square, followed by some gold symbols 7 in silver, red, and colorful symbols. There are also the bar symbols to pay less; Some multiplier symbols of x2, x5 e x10 and symbols that add coins to the victories obtained, which can be +50; +150; +750 e +1.000 coins!

Slot Bonus Resources Super Lucky Reels

In addition to visually possessing some extra features, Super Lucky Reels has the following features to help you get a good prize:

  • Additional rollers: One of the first features we can observe in this slot game are the two extra rolls next to the first three base game with low bet. When conquering a combination of three symbols in the first 3 rolls, the bonus resources will be paid. Roll 4 offers instant money, while roll 5 offers Free Spins -Generally about 3, sometimes up to 5- and the most important premium multipliers of X2 to X10.
  • Roll 4: The instantaneous victory of roll 4 can be unlocked only once, regardless of how many payment lines hit in the first three rolls. The player will need to bet at least 10 coins per line to activate this roller.
  • Roll 5: The symbols that change the entire course of the game are in the fifth roll. The bonuses present in this roll are activated in the same way as in the roll 4-at the center of the roll 5, with a victory in the first three rollers (roll 4 is not necessary to combine to activate the bonus of the last roll). However, it is only available in the maximum bet. Among the bonuses found in roll 5, they are:
  • Símbolo respin: They are granted from 3 to 5 free spinning when you find this symbol in the fifth roll. It is by far the most frequent bonus fired.
  • Multiplier X2: It is the second easiest to combine, even if it is not so frequent.
  • Multiplier X5: By finding this symbol, the player will be very excited as it is not seen regularly.
  • Multiplier X10: This symbol is incredibly rare, but certainly amazing when it appears.

Multipliers work in all victories with any of the 5 payment lines in the first three rollers. The player will need to bet the maximum of 15 coins to activate the fifth roll!

  • Progressive Jackpot: It's time to talk about the most disputed feature of the game, of course! The game jackpot can be achieved by getting 3 symbols with the SUPER LUCKY REELS slot logo on a winning payment line, the +1000 symbol on roll 4 and 10x multiplier in roll 5 (may seem difficult, and it is, but The prize can compensate a lot, depending on the budget of who is playing).

Minimum / maximum bet, RTP, volatility and maximum premium of Super Lucky Reels

We can find Super Lucky Reels to a minimum bet of € 0.75 and maximum of € 75 per round. The theoretical RTP of this game is 95.5% and volatility is average. The player who tries luck in this lively slot could earn up to 700,000 coins!

Graphics and sounds of the Super Lucky Reels slot

ISOFTBET has a good graphic quality, but we must admit that when Super Lucky Reels was developed, he still had much to improve. The game has good gameplay, but somewhat a bit confused, with lots of information displayed on the screen at once. The colors were well used and talk with sound effects very well. Nothing new in the symbols of the game, but the resources are great, and the novelty is on account of the additional rollers that can pay very well when combined!

Our opinion about Super Lucky Reels

Super Lucky Reels is undoubtedly, One of the most played isofbet titles, when counting since when released in 2014. The jackpot is tempting, but as we know, difficult to conquer. The best features are in the last two rolls, especially in the fifth, with premium multipliers, which will leave any player laughing at TOA! Even if we are not the biggest fans of visual resources, it is worth the attempt to get a good prize in one of our recommended casinos along the page! Good luck!



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