The Mask

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Ssssssmokin! One night on the bright dance floor with Carlyle Tina, immortalized by Cameron Diaz, in her first appearance in ...

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The Mask

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The Mask análise

Ssssssmokin! One night on the bright dance floor with Carlyle Tina, immortalized by Cameron Diaz, in her first appearance in a movie. When launched the film in 1994, Jim Carrey was one of the many who named Hollywood. With incredible powers of the mask, the film shows Ipkiss and his Dog Milo to plan a plan to rob the bank where he works and assuming the Bongo Coco nightclub. Well, based on this movie success, The Mask is a slot produced by Nextgen Gaming, in 2018. A slot game that has a lot to offer; With many bonuses and free turn resources, but you will need a patience crucible, since this slot game has a high volatility ... Well, read more about the slot analysis of our team to understand more about how to increase Your prizes in this game!

Features of Slot The Mask

The Mask is a Slot Game in Classic Format 3 lines x 5 rolls. Even with the 20 payment lines, counted from left and right, do not reveal the insanity of this game. The symbols of lower value of the game are the classic symbols of letters 10, J, Q, K and Ace. Among the highest paid symbols include Stanley, Tina and, of course, the Milo Puppy. There are also bags of money, a yellow hat and the mask itself. Of course, the mask is the Wild symbol of the game.

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In addition to these symbols, the game has a scatter symbol that activates the free plays of the game while the mask as a Wild symbol, activates the game bonus and free rounds.

Resources in the Mask Slot game

The game works with a total of four different WILD features, which are randomly activated in the game:

  • Recurso Alarm Block: This function can be randomly activated at the beginning of any round. The undisciplined alarm clock jumps around the game until the hammer destroys it and let it back a block of 2 × 2 with the wild mask symbols.
  • Recurso In a Spin: This feature can also be activated at the beginning of a random round. The mask appears on the screen, turns into a tornado, and then transforms random symbols into Wild symbols into the rollers.
  • Recurso By the Horn: This function can be randomly activated in any round. The mask appears on the screen and activates the horn, which can transform normal symbols into wild symbols to up to 4 different rolls, significantly increase the value of the gain premium.
  • Recurso Unmask: The Dog Milo puts the mask and in random places, where then the Wild Mask symbol becomes 3 × 3 in the rollers where all Stanley symbols are converted into wild symbols.

Free Spins on Slot The Mask

Of course the game also has free rounds, which can be activated by the appearance of three or more scatter symbols in the game. Three Scatter Symbols, the gateway to the Bongo Coco nightclub result in the following free rounds:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols Unlock 10 Free Spins;
  • 4 SCatter symbols unlock 15 free rounds;
  • 5 SCatter Symbols Unlock 25 free rounds;

If you can activate the free spin round, it will end up at Edge City's most popular nightclub, Coco Bongo Club, which was also part of the action of the MASK movie.

In terms of Bonus game, the free turns round offers some additional features. First, the random functions mentioned are most frequently activated during the free spins round. Secondly, all gain gains are subordinated to a random multiplier. This may vary from x2, x3, x4 or up to x5 the amount bet.

Also, if you have one or two scatter symbols at stake, you can earn more free rounds. If there are three or more SCatter symbols, the free spin round will be reactivated, which is always a great option, because theoretically this will give you many free rounds with the possibility of high gains!

Minimum / Maximum Bet, RTP, Volatility and Jackpot of Slot The Mask

We can play the Slot The Mask with a minimum bet of € 0.10 and a bet of up to 50 € per round! Ordinary Reasonable RTP of 96.5% and high volatility, which means that the game would please moderate players for high.

Graphics and sound effects at Slot The Mask

In terms of design, it is difficult to be disappointed with the Slot The Mask game. The game is the perfect replica of the super successful movie. It all starts on the streets of Edge City and ends in the round bonus on the stairs of the Coco Bongo dance floor. The colors are almost perfect for the perverse city. All right. That would be enough, but that's where it starts.

If in many blockbuster slots the original scenes are somehow interspersed, then it is very special when the effects that have made the movie so famous appear and actually support the game.

The sound is so well processed and captivated by wit and, above all, by Jim Carrey's original fragments!

Our Conclusion About Slot The Mask

As big hit slots, it always plays an important role, either the player likes the movie or not. And if we really like this slot game as much as the movie or not, at least Nexgen made a good production in the game. The scenery and the visual is truly a great pleasure.

Add to this the many bonus resources and the opportunity for infinite prizes. Who always convinces us immediately. But, we can not forget that this is a difficult slot when it comes to frequency of payments. As many Blockbuster slots, the volatility is too high for our taste, it may take prizes.



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